Travel Writers Strike While Article Marketing is Hot

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Everyone is doing it and you can too! Not only can you make money doing it, but you will be all over the internet. You’re just a “click away” from travel writing stardom! Your brilliant travel writing will appear on many websites. Before you know it, people from all over the world will come to you for expert advice on “backpack travel.” You will be the ROCK STAR in this “niche” market. Tour bus not included!

Article marketing is a HOT TOPIC these days. Blogs are very popular and you can find content on just about any subject. Few travel writers are aware that they can cash in on their travel articles. Plus, it’s a great way to receive link backs to your website.

According to Online Money LabThis is the time right now to jump on the article bandwagon. I read somewhere that only fifty percent of Americans are internet connected. This leaves the field for playing wide open. This statistic does not even include foreign lands. Yes you can even market to them as they read and buy too. So only one decision needs to be made and I ask are you going to hire a ghostwriter or do it yourself? Either way is good if you are careful with the articles you buy and making sure if what you have is unique. Are you going to give your customers what they want? If you don’t someone else will. Potential customers want information and remember if you write it, they will read.

Marketing Your Articles

  1. Affsphere. Designed with the “affiliate marketer” in mind, there are several different ways to make money from your travel writing. Need a fresher course in affiliate marketing? Visit our Monetize Your Writing page to learn more!
  2. Ezine Articles. Are you passionate about travel writing? Are you an expert in travel to Asia? Sign up with Ezine Articles and share your knowledge with the world.
  3. Associated Content. “Content Producers benefit in three major ways beyond the opportunity to publish: fair payment compensation, online discoverability, and distribution through our partner sites.” Check them out today!

Here’s a tip on article marketing. It used to be that content was the key to article marketing. Slowly, “unique content” is becoming the norm. What does this mean? It means that if you are an expert on traveling with pets, people will “flock” to your website for advice after they find you on an article marketing website!

You may be thinking to yourself; “how will I write all of this content?” That’s a good question to ask. Your options include the following: write all of the content yourself, purchase article generator software that will add filler words to your writing, hire “ghostwriters,” or purchase previously written content (not recommended).

Consider writing the content yourself or hiring support to help you. You want to be as authentic as possible. Readers will be able to spot “fluff” writing. If you want them to read your articles and visit your website, you must make an emotional connection. Connecting with readers is a must!

In conclusion, you may or may not be aware of the following statistic: 50% of people are connected to the internet. The door is wide open for travel writing opportunities via article marketing. The question is; are you going to step through it?


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