Remains of Past Travels Stuck in Travel Writer’s Memory

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

He smiles as he looks back on his traveling days. He’s been to the far corners of the world numerous times, and he has the pictures and notes to prove it. Around him are countless journals filled with tales of intrigue, adventure, and passion and romance. “Ah, yes France,” he thinks to himself. The Moulin Rouge was something. “What was that dancer’s name?”

He scratches his chin, as he sits on the beach, the crystal blue ocean provides a calming backdrop, and he wonders if anyone would be interested in his stories. Heck, they would make a great “action-adventure” movie starring Harrison Ford, Nicholas Cage, or the up-and-coming Shia LaBeouf! “It’s time to call in a few favors,” he says to himself. He grabs the phone, dials, and holds his breath, as he waits for the person to pick up. “What time is it in Hollywood, CA?” Stay tuned…

Travel writers, have you traveled extensively? Do you have notebooks and journals busting at the seams with pages upon pages of your journeys? You may want to consider writing your travel memoirs. Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote her travel memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” was featured on Oprah. This could be you!

Writer’s Resources

  1. Beginners Guide to Freelance Writing.
  2. American Society of Journalists and Authors.
  3. International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association.
  4. Jerome Foundation.
  5. Publishers Weekly.
  6. The Loft Literary Center.
  7. Writers-Editors Network.
  9. Writers Store.

Travel Memoir Writing Tips

  1. Know your category. Is your travel memoir for women who are considering traveling on their own? Is it about backpacking all over the world?
  2. Who is your audience? Are they young, middle-aged, or senior citizens? Are they adventure enthusiasts?
  3. Know your format. You may have to conform to a publisher’s format
  4. Find your voice.
  5. Research the publishing business.
  6. Review submission guidelines.
  7. Make sure you follow your passion!

For more information on writing travel memoirs and travel journals, visit Dave Fox’s website travel journaling and check out the first chapter of his book “Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals.”

If you traveled all over the world or are planning to travel, make sure to bring your travel journal and digital camera to document your every step. Travel memoirs can be the ultimate souvenir from your travels. Leave the t-shirts, pens, and snow globes on the shelves. Instead, bring back with you notebooks and journals filled with documentation of your travels. Remember, memories can fade over time just like those t-shirts.


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