Inspiration Leaves Travel Writer Stranded Without Notice

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

We seek him here, we seek him there
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere!
Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell?
That demmed Elusive Pimpernel?

It’s Monday morning and time to write, but you do not feel like it. Your inspiration is like that “Elusive Pimpernel,” it’s nowhere to be found. Most of the time you find yourself trying to type faster because the words are flowing fast and furious! Today, however, inspiration and creativity decided to go on vacation without you. Hopefully they are having a great time! What’s a travel writer to do when inspiration takes a break and leaves you faster than a team from The Amazing Race? Read on and find out how to bring inspiration back from its hiatus!

Travel writers, do you sometimes lose inspiration? It can strike at any moment without any warning signs. According to Maria Duval’s My Talisman blog, “you start looking for that Inspiration which can pull you up. That Inspiration which can make you persist on your path. That Inspiration which can make you work energetically. That inspiration which can motivate you to keep working. That inspiration which can enable you to increase your efficiency. That inspiration that can help you to stick to positive thinking. That can help you to maintain positive attitude. Where and how to find that critical Inspiration?”

Ways to Keep Your Inspiration

  1. Meditate before your write.
  2. Practice yoga.
  3. Go for a walk in nature.
  4. Make sure your home office is an office. This can be tricky if you live in a small space, but it can be done. Paint the walls with colors that inspire you and hang artwork. Check out the local Goodwill or other “thrifty stores” because you never know what you will find.
  5. Go for a short drive.
  6. Read blogs by other travel writers.
  7. Visit travel writing forums. You may find other writers who are in the similar situation.
  8. Journal.
  9. Brainstorm for ideas.
  10. Listen to music.
  11. Just breath and relax.

Links to Keep Your Inspiration

  1. 20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High. Inspiring tips for writers.
  2. Write to Done. Find out the “31 ways to find inspiration for your writing.”
  3. Inspiration for Writers. The names says it all. Check out the writing tips, techniques, and encouragement!

Keep your writing flowing as long as you can. If you feel yourself becoming restless, stop, and go do something else. Do not force your writing because it will only make matters worse. Readers will able to sense if your writing is “inauthentic.” Just chill for awhile until the “writing juices” start to flow. Now that you are inspired, go forth and write!



Copywriting Summit. This summit starts October 7 from your home or office. Find out how to be a “no-hype” writer.

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