Unlock the Mystery of Travel Writing

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

It was a dark, stormy night and the rain was pounding against the roof. The crackling lightning in the sky illuminated every crack and corner in the hostel. Even though the hostel was filled with people, loneliness settled in for the night. What’s a travel writer to do? The first thing to do is take out the flashlight and pull the covers over your face!

Traveling all over the world and writing about it can be more foreign then the places you visit. Solve the mystery of travel writing by following a few guidelines. Batteries not included!

Clues to Travel Writing

  1. Write a good angle for your travel article.
  2. Utilize your itinerary to “spark” ideas for your travel writing. Pickup a local newspaper or magazine.
  3. Where you live will interest someone, somewhere. Write about it.
  4. Write and re-write your article or story.
  5. Obtain feedback from others (no family or friends). Join a writing group.
  6. Start small. Submit your travel article to the local newspaper.
  7. Read other travel writers. Purchase some books on travel writing
  8. Brush up on your grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure; take a class.
  9. Take writing courses such as creative and travel writing.
  10. Add photos with your travel writing.
  11. Write all of the time and keep the faith. Belief in yourself is a piece of the puzzle that is needed to solve the mystery of travel writing!

Links to Unlocking Travel Writing

  1. Writernet.com. Based in the UK, the organization gives writers tools to build their career.
  2. AWAI. Want to enhance your travel writing skills? Sign up for the AWAI’s travel writing course.
  3. Grammar Girl. As seen on Oprah! Re-learn grammar with “quick and dirty tips!”
  4. Chuma.cas.usf.edu. Don’t dash out the door with your travel article without viewing this website. If you forgot how and when to use a semi-colon, visit this website.

This part of the travel writing mystery is solved. Horatio of CSI: Miami would be proud! After all, Miami, FL is a “hot spot” for travel! Miami would make a great travel article, start writing about it today. Tomorrow, watch as travel writing opportunities flow your way.

Until the next time on Travel Writing Mysteries — keep traveling, writing, and reading. Stay tuned!


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