Through Magazine Markets and How Travel Writers Arrive There

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

As freelance travel writers around the world flip through magazines or turn the pages online, they dream about writing for their favorite publications. They read magazines, but can they write for them? Do travel writers take time to research markets and “sniff out” the ones that provide the greatest exposure? Which markets are lucrative?

Perhaps most travel writers are thumbing through the pages of their life hoping their big break will come to them via a knock at the door. The door of opportunity does exist, but you must find it on your own! Know how to research magazine markets today, be published tomorrow!!

Before submitting travel articles to every magazine around the globe, research them first. Thoroughly read the articles to get a better understanding of the style and tone. Find back issues and read them as well. Most travel writers write first then send off their articles. It’s best to know the magazine “inside and out” before submitting travel articles. When you are comfortable, send off a letter to the editor and pitch your story. The editor may use your idea in the magazine.

It’s great that you read Travel and Leisure Magazine, but can you honestly write for it? It helps if you are familiar with the audience, but convincing the editor you can write for the magazine is another story! Mention in your query letter that you faithfully read the magazine. Make sure your attached samples are “spot on” and will entice the editor to contact you for an assignment.

The most important tip pertains to guidelines. Read the guidelines twice if you must. Do not waste an editor’s time. Following directions is imperative. Each magazine will have different guidelines. Do not assume all guidelines are the same! Most magazines are online and will provide a link or button to guidelines or submissions. If not, you may have to phone the magazine for them.

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Send travel articles with confidence and spell the editor’s name right! Study magazines and watch the word count. Remember, it’s about the magazines needs and not yours! This may be tough for some travel writers to hear, but it’s the truth. Make it easier on yourself and submit to magazines where your work will be a match. On the other hand, if you are up to the writing challenge, stretch your skills and write a travel article for a magazine that you do not normally read. You may surprise yourself and the magazine!


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