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Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

In America, it’s tough to keep a “stiff upper lip” as the Brits would say, when talk of economic woes are blasted all over the media. The key is to tune-out the noise. The fact is many people thrive in times of economic uncertainty as well as economic stability. “To thrive or not to thrive?” That is the question for freelance travel writers.

Freelance travel writers can prosper all of the time. Here’s an excerpt from the blog Freelance Folder: “Believe it or not, the specific obstacles that your business faces are often not what actually determine your ultimate success or failure. Instead, what is important is how you handle the obstacles that you are faced with.”

If you are a freelance travel writer, hopefully you are already in China or on your way. It’s August 8, 2008, and the 2008 Olympics began in Beijing, China. News coverage of China has been prevalent for many weeks. The Travel Channel has been featuring programs on China in preparation for the Olympics. People are interested in the Olympics and they would like to know more about China. So there you have it, freelance travel writers are presented with major opportunities to write about the 2008 Olympics and China.

Ask for help when needed. Many travel writers may not ask for help because they feel guilty or are ashamed. Get over it! Many resources can be found on the internet, in your community, or through family and friends. Take control of your dream and ask for help. It’s that simple.

Finally, dedication and perseverance go along way. Times may be stormy, but remember there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Write and send out travel articles and scour websites such as Freelance Writing Gigs to find opportunities on a telecommute, full-time, or part-time basis. Volunteer to write for organizations, any organization will do. Freelance travel writers who write in more than one genre will be taken to places they can only imagine. Adaptability and flexibility are key. When a writing opportunity knocks, answer the door!


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