Use a Podcast to Promote Your Freelance Travel Writing Services

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Travel writers, are you established in a “niche” travel market? One way to do that is to create and publish a regularly scheduled podcast about your topic. Your podcast can be daily, weekly, or monthly and would appear on your travel website.

Podcasting or vodcasting will help you develop public speaking skills. Many people have a fear of public speaking. Creating a podcast will help you “conquer” your fear. Of course, you can always take a communications class or join Toastmasters. To learn more about podcast and vodcast, check out this comprehensive article about podcasts and vodcasts. sent the following press release:

VisualTravelTours is looking for travel writers!

“Provide us with first-rate destination travel copy and photos that we can convert into visual podcasts and sell through our extensive, global promotion and we will pay you royalties plus a stipend on acceptance.

We are seeking 2,000 pre-approved (you must query first) scripts really re-crafted travel articles about 3,500 words long with about 75 matching .jpgs (photos). We will create the audio (or you can), put the submission package together, and sell it extensively.

You receive $150 in starter money when the tour is approved. The big return (and surprise) comes from a 10% royalty (with up to 5% more in early bonuses) we pay you thrice annually for as long as eager travelers buy the finished product to use on their computers, iPods, MP3 players, or even cell phones before they visit your tour site, while touring, or later as a treasured memory. (We’ll even sell them a copy of your script if they are digitally anxious!)

That could mean many hundreds, even thousands, of dollars more over the coming months (and years) for each tour!

There is no investment on your part, no strings, no tricks. You query, we give a go-ahead, you submit the script/photos, we approve them, and as we post it for sale you get your $150. Then, while you sleep or prep new tours, the royalty coffers fill up. For more information visit, Visual Travel Tours.

Good luck!

>> Rebecca

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