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Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

You will become a better travel writer if you study writing tips and perform writing exercises. Taking steps to improve your travel writing will benefit you in the long run. The time you spend honing your craft will help you create the writing success you desire as a travel writer.

First, ensure that your topic is clear from the start and stays that way throughout your article. Do you know your purpose? Why are your writing your travel article? What do you hope to accomplish? Also, avoid wordiness in your writing. Just say what you want to say. Write concise, short paragraphs that are not filled with “50 cent words.” Plus, do not overuse the exclamation mark!

Second, to be a published writer requires proper use of grammar and spelling right. Brush up on your skills if you desire to be published in magazines and newspapers versus blogs. Get out your old textbooks, take out the dictionary, visit the library, or surf the internet for information. Polish your grammar today and see the difference tomorrow!

Common Writing Mistakes

  1. Improper use of grammar and punctuation.
  2. Sentence and paragraph structure is difficult to understand.
  3. Too many “words” are used. Don’t be wordy!

Visit Writing Help Partnership to learn the more about the most common writing mistakes.

Links to Travel Writing Tips

  1. BugBog. Great advice on how to write a travel article.
  2. Vagabondish. Learn 23 essential tips and habits to improve your travel writing.
  3. Guide to Grammar and Writing. The name says it all! From word and sentence level to quizzes, improve your writing with a click of a button.
  4. Vagabondish. In addition to 23 tips and habits, learn 20 “time-tested techniques and essential exercises” to improve your travel writing.

Finally, to appear more professional, avoid writing in the FIRST PERSON. Travel writers who are flexible and change their style to suit the story are on the right path. Of course, the best way to improve your travel writing is to READ, READ, READ! Pickup a book or two written by well known travel authors. Purchase a couple of travel writing and general writing books. Pack these in your bags when you travel and you can “jump start” your writing or ideas while you are on the road.

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