Little Known Ways to Transition Into Travel Writing

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

If you are an aspiring travel writer, you better hold onto your day job! Yes, travel writing can be fun, romantic, and exciting, but let’s be real, it’s not a job that will pay your bills each month. Unless, of course, you’re a seasoned travel writer. Or you have a “magic wand” that you can wave each month and “poof” your bills disappear. I suggest you transition into travel writing. Also, if you do not know how to use a camera, it’s a great time to learn. Most publications request photographs to accompany travel articles.

For your first travel article, think locally and regionally. Write about what is in your backyard and submit your article to local newspapers. Some newspapers ask for submissions from readers in order to fill the travel section. This is your chance to showcase your writing ability. Go ahead and submit your article today!

Regional, trade, and special interest magazines are another way to transition into travel writing. Having a goal such as getting published in Travel and Leisure Magazine is fantastic. But, it may not happen overnight. Therefore, concentrate on states, cities, and countries that use tourism magazines to attract tourists and promote local business. Send a query that meets the objective of the magazine, follow up with a phone call, and have three ideas to pitch to the editor. Reiterate that you are very familiar with the region. Check out this article on adventure travel writer for more ideas.

Finally, take a travel writing workshop, get online and start blogging or check out other travel blogs, study the markets, and write everyday. Your travel writing career may or may not occur in an instant but you will never know unless you try! I wish you luck on your quest!

Tips & Tricks to Improving Your Travel Writing

  1. Describe the setting in detail.
  2. Recount a touching experience about your flight or walk in the city or countryside.
  3. In your article, write about the interesting conversations you had with people.

Keeping the day job,
~ Rebecca

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post for today 6-9-08. Little known Ways To Transition Into Travel Writing. I will keep your advice in mind the next time I go traveling. I love reading your Travel Writers Exchange Blog. Like to read all your different topics. Keep on writing!!!!!

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