It Pays to Travel and Work Abroad

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

If you are an aspiring travel writer, consider working and living abroad. This would be a fun and exciting opportunity and a great way to “jump start” your travel writing career. The work you do could be short or long term. You may enjoy working and living abroad and become an expatriate. It could happen! Visit Transitions Abroad to learn more about working and living abroad.

If working and living abroad is not your “cup of tea,” consider a really short-term opportunity (two to three weeks) such as the volunteer vacation. These are very popular. Everyone from doctors to lawyers to teachers have been known to dedicate their time, skills, and supplies to help others. Not only could you conserve the orangutans in Borneo, Malaysia but you could write a compelling travel article about your experience.

Short-Term Opportunities

Hostel World. For a short-term summer job, begin your search with an English language tour company or youth hostel. Hostel World provides online booking services and it’s a great place to find the names of potential employers in a country or city that is of interest to you.

G.A.P. Adventures. If you love to travel with a backpack, consider becoming a tour leader for G.A.P. Adventures. If you are organized, flexible, love people, certified in First Aid and CPR, and have a good sense of humor, contact G.A.P. Adventures today!

Explore.Co.UK. Become an Explore Tour Leader and enjoy the fun and excitement. Tour leaders live overseas for the duration of their fixed term contract which averages 3 to 4 months long (but can be 2 weeks to 6 months). A tour leader does more than just lead tours. You must prepare a budget and process paperwork. Also, you must be certified in First Aid and CPR.

Long-Term Opportunities

Cruise Line Jobs. “Come aboard, we’re expecting you.” This job market has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years. In the past four years the leading cruise lines have doubled their fleets and number of employees. Apply for a position and enjoy your extended cruise into travel writing!

Peace Corps. If you are interested in joing the Peace Corps, that’s great! Even if you’re not, the website has information about international work and careers.

Volunteer Vacations

Global Volunteers. Is a non-profit network that offers long-term, ethical service volunteer vacations abroad or within the USA.

Cross Cultural Solutions. Have an experience of a lifetime and gain a new perspective and insight into a culture and yourself. Write and develop memories that will last you forever!

Earth Watch. Volunteer with the world’s largest environmental non-profit. Join an expedition today, tomorrow work with leading researchers on climate change, biodiversity, habitat loss, coral reef health, sustainability, and indigenous cultures.

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