Finally! The Door to Travel Writing Opportunities Opens

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Travel writers, are you looking for your break into travel writing? Would you like more travel writing opportunities? Well, the key is to have faith, believe in yourself, and keep writing! It may not happen overnight but the more you write the more experience you will have as a writer. I know this to be true because I just landed a great opportunity to be a Writer / Group Leader for Explorers Travel Network based in Florida. Not only will I be a writer, but I have several other streams of income opportunities with the organization. Sweet! I always thought about becoming a travel agent, and I’m not talking about the $14.00/hour agent, not that there is anything wrong with that. But I have the opportunity to make 70%-80% and possibly 100%. Excellent!

When you accept a position you may be asked to agree to a verbal or non-verbal confidentiality agreement. Mine was a verbal agreement. This particular organization is brand new so the owner wanted our conversation “classified” because of ideas that were discussed. I completely understood and it’s standard in business.

Another opportunity I have is to write a guidebook for Hunter Publishing. I inquired about their affiliate program, and they inquired about our Baja-Fun website. Who knew! I list the websites that I write for after my signature on my emails. The contact person must have visited the website and the rest is history. I’ll keep you posted!

I submitted an inquiry regarding the following from “Leading magazine for meeting planners seeks fast writer for a volume-oriented advertorial project profiling destinations. Preformatted pieces (each has a section called “At work,” “At play,” etc.) Client gets approval of copy. Deadline: June 24, 2008.” The Director of Custom Media for Marketing Media & Visual Arts Group – Nielsen Business Media (who knew) contacted me and said the work was assigned. Please note that lists the “date posted” to the left of their job postings in the Market News section. All is not lost because the director is interested in looking at my work more carefully for future advertorials. Fantastic!

See, dreams can become realities! I encourage all of you to stay the course. Write as much as you can and obtain feedback wherever possible. When you send emails be sure to list your websites after your signature. It does not matter whether or not you have a travel website. The owner of Explorers Travel Network visited my website and liked the diversity of my writing. That’s what sealed the deal!


When Magazine. Is looking for “volunteer associates” to fill a couple of travel writer and travel editor positions. This is the “try it before you buy it” technique. If the magazine likes your work they will offer you a PAID position. Contact Curt Bizelli, Editor in Chief at

Continue on your quest,
~ Rebecca

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