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Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

If you are starting out in travel writing, consider creating a blog! It is one of the greatest and safest online businesses. You can work from home or anywhere in the world! Blogs are simple and inexpensive. The best part is blogs are a great way for you to gain readers and MAKE MONEY! Go ahead and introduce yourself to the world through a blog! You never know who you will meet!

Getting Started

  1. Register a domain (sign up with a web hosting company) for your blog or sign up for a FREE blog with Blogger or FYI: is different from If you use, you will have to use a web hosting company. I hope you know HTML, CSS, XHTML, and all of that other “techie” lingo/stuff.
  2. Monetize your blog. Google AdSense displays ads on your blog that will make money for you when people click on them. Other blog monetization tools are CJ, Link Share, and Performics. Google AdSense, CJ, LinkShare, and Performics are FREE!
  3. Don’t give up! In the beginning it can be hard to get started. Blogging is no different than any other business. You may become disappointed because your blog doesn’t make money or makes a very small amount of money in the first months. If you keep at it and don’t give up, your blog will become a success!!

Travel Writing/Blogging Tips

  1. Center on key events, find a niche (luxury travel), or focus on your own “backyard.”
  2. Provide background information about events, your niche, or your own “backyard.”
  3. Incorporate research to enhance the background information—even if you do not know about the information at the time of your trip. You can take notes and research later.
  4. Clearly describe the location and focus on details that are key to the story or experience.
  5. Clearly describe any important people so that readers feel as if they know them.
  6. Use dialogue where possible to help the story “unfold” for the reader.
  7. Reflect on your experience and retell the story to help readers see the importance of your experience.
  8. Incorporate photos into your blog. Photos can enhance your story. What’s that saying; “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Visit the travel writers life and the photographers life to learn more.

Go and start your blog today! Have fun!

~ Rebecca

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