A Marriage of a Travel Writer and Graphic Designer

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Travel writers, do you have graphic design experience? If you said “I do,” then congratulations to you! Your first collaboration can be a blog to showcase your travel writing ability. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, design you own logo (header) for your blog. In addition to the content of your blog, select a color scheme, pattern, and layout that will “draw” readers to your blog. User friendly layouts are the best! Go ahead and upload pictures from your “adventures” and create a photo gallery. Use your graphic and web design skills to build a blog that is unique!

Just Blog!: Sign up for a FREE blog with Blogger or WordPress.com. You may consider registering a domain (sign up with a web hosting company) for your blog. FYI: WordPress.org is different from WordPress.com. If you use WordPress.org, you will have to use a web hosting company. Do your research before you commit to a web hosting company! I hope you know HTML, CSS, XHTML, and other “techie” languages.

Brush Up Your Skills

  1. American Writers and Artists, Inc.. Offers course work from travel writing to desktop marketing. Improve your skills as a writer or graphic designer. If you are starting out as a travel writer or graphic designer you can gain new skills that will move you forward to a great career!
  2. The Travel Writers Life. You can learn how to sell photos and enhance your travel writing. They also offer a FREE e-letter. Sign up for it now!
  3. Off Beat Trips. The freelance marketplace demands writers provide quality photographs with submissions. Learn how this course work can help you to become more proficient in the artistic fields of writing and photography.

Did you know that a great photo can enhance your travel story? You do not have to be a professional photographer to take quality photos. All you need is a decent camera. I suggest a digital camera. Digital cameras come in many shapes, sizes, and colors! Visit Best Buy, Circuit City, or a local electronics store. You can utilize Photoshop or some other multi-media design program to enhance or correct photos. Fun with Photoshop!

Yes, a travel writer and graphic designer is a “match made in heaven!”

~ Rebecca

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