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Becoming a travel journalist can be a fun, exciting, and rewarding career! As with any career, you must have dedication and passion. A good education (formal or informal) complemented with hard work is key. But then again, if you love what you do and do what you love it will not be hard work! Some say that you must love competition, but there are enough stories for everyone. Just open your eyes and look for them!

Key Factors to Consider

You must love to write, especially about travel. Do you have a good idea for a story? Do you possess “communication powers?” Are you able to get people to speak with you? Are you be able to “breathe” life into a story with your words and make it come alive? Can you work under pressure? You may want to consider these before you embark on a journey to become a travel journalist.

Becoming a travel journalist

  1. Choose the right course of study. You can go for a four-year general journalism degree at a top journalism school, which will certainly open doors, or consider an online course specifically for travel journalism (as well as travel photography) such as MatadorU, which can open the right doors.
  2. Decide the type of journalism you would like to pursue such as newspapers, magazines, television, or online.
  3. Networking, networking, networking! Speak to as many people as you can! Who knows, some of them may become your mentor.
  4. Get your name out there. Send out resumes to different media outlets across the USA. This is a great way to build relationships with editors, publishers, producers, directors, etc…
  5. Visit job boards. For example, check out suite 101, solo gig, or

Check out The Citizens Journal. You can post articles about anything on this website. This means you can begin to build your travel writing portfolio, obtain feedback from other writers and readers, and you have a place for uncensored citizen journalism.

Visit Society of Professional Journalists. A one-year membership will cost you $72. Check out the following article on You will receive a guide to travel journalism.


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