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20 May 2008 Post Author:
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Travel writing is just like painting: a travel writer uses a palette of words instead of paints! When you breathe life into a story through your words, readers will want more. Part of the fun of travel writing is sharing your knowledge gained from your experience.

A photograph can tell the whole story or part of the story. What is that saying? “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” means photographs can tell a story just like words do. Like a travel writer, the photographer must decide how much of the story is told by the image. What does this mean? Photographs can enhance and complement your travel article.


  1. Camera on The Road. Lorelle and Brent Van Fossen have taken more than 70,000 photographs. Visit this blog to learn about travel writing and photography. Discover mistakes to avoid!
  2. Foster Travel. Award winning travel writing and photography on 200 worldwide destinations.
  3. Travography. Read this blog from all the way from Sydney, Australia! “Roderick Eime is a professional travel writer and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His work regularly appears in magazines and newspapers in Australia and overseas.” A great combination of writing and photography.

Education Alert!
Off Beat Trips. Comprehensive course that includes key areas such as writing, photography, marketing, and sponsorship.

Before you leave on your next adventure, check out Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures from the Lonely Planet series. This book is great for beginners and a handy reference for experienced photographers. You will find tips and invaluable suggestions from a professional photographer. So…Pack “Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures” in your backpack or carry-on along with a book from our Top 10 Travel Writing Books page and you will be good to go!

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