Are You Just Launching Your Travel Writing Career?

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Have you been sending your queries out and receiving . . . dead silence like they went into a black hole?

Are you receiving a constant stream of rejections from editors? 

Half the battle to freelance writing success is simply knowing what is necessary to succeed.

Once you know what is necessary to get your stories published and be paid for them you can start taking measures to boost your skills and talents.

Then, if you go about it right, you should be able to sell your work. No more black holes. Fewer editor rejections.

Making just one small change can boost your publication rate

We’re well into the third quarter of 2021 and no doubt some of your new year’s resolutions for self-improvement have fallen by the wayside. I urge you to consider the fact that the new year is but an arbitrary calendar point in time. It’s never too late to learn about the writing trade and put new plans into action. 

Even if you just change or improve one or two of your writing skills and habits, you’re going to sell more stories.

Here’s a great example: most writers I work with have difficulty with spending hours of quality time creating magazine distribution lists to query.

Yes, I know, this is an onerous task. Yet, this element of freelance writing is so critical for success that we’re doomed to failure if we skip or skimp on it. It’s common sense: the more magazines we pitch, the greater the statistical chances we have of editors picking up our stories for their publication.

Perhaps you can spend more time creating your distribution lists this year? Just one small change like this will boost your publication rate, big time!

And, perhaps you could spend less of your valuable effort on time-sucks like social media, leaving more time for your writing? 

Here are seven ways I’ve taken control of my time, increased my article output, become more productive, and ultimately earned more money:


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