Increase Review Opportunities and Blog Exposure While Traveling

Increase exposure for your blog

Travel writing can be one of the most exciting and creative themes for a blog.

Travel bloggers are free and energetic with plenty of experiences to write about.

However, people who embark on their first travel blog don’t realize how much work it really is, especially when they are on the move.

One of the biggest challenges bloggers have is keeping a continuous flow of content on their blog

One of the biggest challenges bloggers can come across is having a continuous flow of rich content on their blog to engage their readers. This is an even bigger test for travel bloggers who don’t have regular writing patterns and don’t have the time to sift through the web for interesting content.

Reduce your blogging stress whilst away from home

BlogsRelease offers travel bloggers a unique tool to find inspiring news in the travel industry to form the base of your post or to add depth to your writing. Not only that, BlogsRelease is always updating travelers with review opportunities from around the world to make the most of. Recently we had opportunities for a magazine feature for bloggers who lived in Barcelona, free tours in Paris, and vouchers in exchange for your Christmas travel guest post. These reviews are great at increasing your blog exposure whilst doing what you love.

BlogsReleaseIn three simple steps you can be on your way to keeping a successful travel blog on the road.

  1. Sign up and choose the categories that interest; you can choose from travel, lifestyle, culture and much more.
  2. Receive a daily newsletter with the hottest news and reviews in your chosen categories.
  3. Love the news item? Write about it in a blog post for your readers to share and comment; or you can contact the brands directly for review opportunities.

By using BlogsRelease whilst you’re far away from home you can keep track of the trends from the travel industry that are in the news. From these inspirations you can develop your blog to showcase your adventures and keep current to maintain the engagement of your readers.

~ Shirley

What type of content would YOU be interested in receiving whilst travelling and writing your blog?

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Shirley Pattison is the community director at BlogsRelease and also a huge fan of travelling. One of her favorite aspects of working at BlogsRelease is that she gets to read so many travel blogs that inspire and motivate her.

When she's not working you can find her at the beach with watermelon and a coffee.

You can connect with Shirley on Twitter, or with BlogsRelease on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Google+


  1. Thanks Trisha for having us share our post with your bloggers, we hope that other travel bloggers can also find BlogsRelease useful for increasing their blog exposure.

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  2. Thanks Shirley! I almost did this a few times without knowing it’s called BlogRelease! It’s got an interesting name.

    What do you think if the same blog post is twitted using the hashtag of Twitter’s Trends and share it on Twitter afterward? I think this must work perfectly well.

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