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travel writers workshops

There’s no doubt in my mind that any travel writer or blogger can benefit from attending a workshop or conference.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional writer with many print publications on your resume, or a brand new travel blogger, or just thinking of getting into this industry, you’ll learn something — from some of the best in our business — maybe a lot, maybe a little, maybe just one valuable nugget you can put to use.

Equally as important, you’ll also have the chance to network with other travel writers, travel bloggers, travel photographers, editors, and in some cases publishers and literary agents as well.

You’ll find inspiration, support, and encouragement. You’ll make new friends and contacts. You’ll come away enthused, energized, and maybe with some great writing ideas and new directions.

While there are many great Writers Workshops and Conferences to choose from, these listed below are specific to Travel Writing:

Worthy of a special mention is Rolf Pott’s Creative Writing Workshop in Paris July 1 – 28, 2010. This month-long writing course also covers Literary Fiction by alternating days with Rolf’s classes, and while it bills itself as a course in creative non-fiction, it has an emphasis on travel writing and place-based narrative.

I strongly encourage you to consider attending one of these workshops or conferences – I plan to attend several!


What workshops / conferences have you attended? Share your opinion!

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  1. That 28 day workshop is Paris sounds dreamy, but I’ve got the 3 kids and 5 pets to take care of all summer. Oh well, I can dream I guess:)

    I agree with you, conferences are great and they are as much about the people meeting as they are the workshop content!

    • I agree! I would LOVE to spend a month in Paris anytime but combining that with a travel writing workshop would be heaven – sadly with family obligations I can’t fit it into my schedule either :( the best I can manage are the 2 – 3 day ones, which I try to plan ahead for!

  2. I really wanted to go to the Book Passage last year and I see they are offering food writing there this year as well. I wish the “other” fees weren’t so expensive; accommodations in San Fran are ridiculously expensive. If it weren’t for the fact that I was given JetBlue miles and am splitting the price of a NYC room, I wouldn’t be going to TBEX either. It would be nice if there were online or virtual conferences where people could pay a smaller conference fee to watch the workshops via streamed video.
    .-= JoAnna´s last blog post: 5 Undervisited National Parks That Deserve Your Attention =-.

    • There are quite a few online writers workshops available through, which would be beneficial to beginning writers (probably too basic for a writer of your caliber), and while they’re not what I’d call “cheap”, they are (for the most part) less expensive than the workshops listed above, plus naturally you’d save travel expenses. However, you do lose out on the networking opportunity and the general enthusiasm you get from a live workshop or conference.

      I did hear that Book Passage will be sending out information soon about hotel discounts, etc. – I’ll keep you posted in case it makes a difference.

  3. You’ve put together a great list of Travel Writing Workshops and Conferences. I’ve attended Book Passage Conferences several times and must say that the networking there is invaluable.

    TBEX is a great conference for travel bloggers. I look forward to attending my second TBEX conference in New York this summer. Fortunately, the organizers of both conferences offer early-bird pricing specials.

  4. I’m so sorry that I missed these workshops. I’m really kicking myself for this, but you know they will probably have them again soon. I’m staying tuned to future updates so I can be in the know next time.
    .-= Adam Hunter´s last blog post: Christmas Cookie Recipes =-.

  5. I completely agree that attending workshops are essential and great places to learn new things. That is why when I find great deals for workshops I always attend them. I just found a deal through buywithme recently too where you can buy a voucher to attend any workshop from mediabistro for only $30! Here is a link:

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