Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Travel Writer

holiday gift ideas for travel writers
Updated: Nov 10th, 2009

Well it’s not snowing here in Arizona, but I’m already catching the Holiday spirit, and working on my gift list for my friends and loved ones.

To make things more fun this year, I’ve asked a number of other travel bloggers to get into the spirit with me, and come up with even more suggestions that we all wanted to share with you.

We decided to focus on our best holiday gift suggestions for travelers, and each of us has used our expertise to produce lists specific to different types of travelers – adventure travelers, budget travelers, luxury travelers, sports travelers, green travelers, guy travelers, women travelers, and of course, travel writers!

Travel Gift Categories
Holiday Gifts for the Adventure Traveler
Holiday Gifts for the Guy Traveler
Holiday Gifts for Women Travelers
Holiday Gifts for the Sports Traveler
Holiday Gifts for the Budget Traveler
Holiday Gifts for the Green Traveler
Holiday Gifts for the Luxury Traveler

We encourage you to visit the websites of each of the participating travel blogs for our great gift ideas – you’re sure to find a few ideas that will be perfect for the traveler on your gift list!

For those of you with Travel Writers on your holiday shopping list, I thought I’d help you out with some suggestions for gifts that they are sure to be super-excited to receive!

Travel Gift Ideas for Travel Writers

Stocking Stuffers: (under $30)

1. A few extra SDHC (SD High Capacity) memory cards for all those precious travel photos and video – with memory cards so inexpensive these days, a smart travel writer doesn’t reuse cards, she stores them for permanent retention.

2. A Moleskin Pocket Notebook – for those times when only handwritten notes will do (or a lack of electricity makes it your only option!)

3. A pocket digital recorder like the Olympus VN6200 – be prepared for an impromptu interview and never miss another sound bite!

4. Best American Travel Writing 2009 – find inspiration and motivation from the masters of this craft we call travel writing.

Mid-Priced: (under $200)

5. Membership in the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association – the benefits are many, making it a super value for a small cost.

6. Flip UltraHD or MinoHD Video camcorder – every travel writer needs to be recording video too these days to keep up with the multi-media demands of tech-savvy travelers.

7. A decent microphone – to capture those travel podcast recordings like a pro.

8. The WikiReader Pocket Wikipediaimg-3 – having the world’s best reference tool (Wikipedia) right in your pocket will make you the most popular travel writer (okay, geek) in any crowd!


9. A Kindle – so you can take all your favorite travel writing books with you, because reading is as important as writing.

10 A Netbook, like the Acer AspireOne or the Samsung NC10 – lightweight enough to toss in a backpack, powerful enough to handle all your travel writing needs.

11. Give the Gift of Adventure with Getaway Gift Cardsimg-4 – because the reason we’re travel writers is that we love to travel, right?

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Do you have some suggestions for travel gift ideas? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Fantastic list! I am off to the Doctors right now, but can’t wait to get home and really check out your items. I need to explore this International Food Wine and Travel Association it looks amazing.

  2. I’ve always brought along a netbook on my travels but I really should be carrying a moleskin notebook for when I need to jot interesting points down…great list by the way!

  3. Love the moleskin notebook suggestion. It’s so simple (and inexpensive) but there’s something wonderfully romantic about writing down your thoughts on paper. My hubby has two – one for ideas at home, one for ideas on the road. :)

  4. Thanks everyone for your support and kind words! This was a very fun post to put together and to work with everyone else on…..with all the great lists we compiled my holiday shopping this year is going to be super-easy!

    Major kudos and a shout-out to Bryan Cassidy at for the idea and for the help in getting it all organized!

  5. Trisha, this is a great list and such a great idea. I wish I had known about it because I would love to do a holiday gift list for foodie travelers! The Kindle is a splurge but essential for our travels. I highly recommend it as an awesome holiday gift for any traveler who loves to read.

    • Hi Akila – I’m bummed that I didn’t think to include you!! We put this together on pretty short notice (and had a few hiccups on Monday when we all posted it) so I must have just been suffering from some sort of creativity block to not think about Foodie Travelers, and I know that there are quite a few!

      Make up a gift list for your blog, and I’ll help you promote it – and I will DEFINITELY include you the next time we do something like this, I promise!

  6. Also try something unconventional…like a fair trade scarf. They are easy to pack, easy to wear and these ones I found at Whole Foods Market (and online at are easy to believe in! They each come with a tag that has a picture of the exact artisan who made them! Not a bad gift!

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