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Although I’m primarily a travel writer, I recently co-wrote an eBook for women, about success. Allow me to share with you what I’ve learned from the experience, and some tips on writing an eBook.

Writing an eBook is a much different experience than writing a traditional printed-and-bound book, but writing an eBook can be a great way to jump into becoming a book author, and success with an eBook can sometimes help pave the way for more traditional book publishing. I encourage any travel writer who wants to become a travel author to try their hand at writing an eBook.

Before you begin, think about these questions. When you can answer them, then sit down and start typing.

  • What is the purpose of your book? This seems like a no-brainer but answer this in only one sentence. And don’t put the emphasis on you or why you are writing it. Instead put the emphasis on the reader.
  • Who is going to be your audience or your target market? Get this clear in your head and you will be able to write more clearly.
  • What are you often surprised by that people do not know about travel? There could be something that seems so ‘common sense’ to you, while being highly helpful or enlightening to others.
  • Why should anyone buy your ebook? Do you have travel experience or knowledge you want the world to know about? Keep your answer short and an answer you can recite over and over.
  • Where are you going to market this ebook? Again, seems like a simple question. But you need a list of places that will let you publicize your ebook. Start making that list now.

Do you know how you will divide your ebook into segments that make sense for your readers? Have you thought about writing an outline so your ebook flows properly? Does your information need to be presented sequentially or can it be random?

What is it that people need to know about you? Are you the “expert”? Tell your reader what gives you the credential to write about this topic.

Do you have testimonials from people that you have helped? This lends credibility to your ebook.

Now…are you ready to get started writing an eBook? Or were you already making mental notes as you were reading this? Take as little or as much time as you’d like in creating your first tips booklets. You’ll be amazed by the results. Everyone has something they want the world to know about. I f yours is travel related…let’s get traveling. Happy Writing!


Have you written an eBook? Share your experience!

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Wendy VanHatten left the corporate world to become a professional freelance travel writer and author. In addition she is an editor, travel business owner, author of a variety of published books, and photographer.

Currently, Wendy is writing several books on such topics as women and success, positive travel experiences, and recipes combined with destinations.  She continues to write several times a week on her blog Her website,, features sample articles, photos, services and links, and her newest ebook can be found at



  1. Thanks for the information. I’d like to write an eBook, it’s just finding the time to “squeeze” into my schedule. And, I’m not sure what I’d like to write about. I guess I could use a brainstorming session.

  2. Brainstorming sessions always help me. Sometimes I sit in a quiet place and jot down ideas as they pop into my head. Doesn’t matter how relevant or crazy they seem…just keep jotting them down. Then put the list down and come back to it later. It’s amazing what “pops” out.

  3. Thanks for this post on writing an eBook. I’d like to write one, but I’m not sure what to write. There are many people writing eBooks and touting their “authority” on subjects that I think the market may become over saturated.

  4. I believe there is a market for many types of eBooks, provided you are an expert in that area. People like to learn, eBooks are inexpensive ways to do that and you can order them and read them from anywhere.

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