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Trisha Miller Editor-in-Chief, - Trisha joined the Travel Industry in 1996 with a background in telecommunications and helped to build (and later sell) one of the industry's top inbound call centers specializing in air travel.

Her career in Travel Writing began with creating destination-specific content for a corporate travel intranet, and continued as she contributed content to a large number of travel-related companies that were establishing an online presence throughout the late '90's and early '00's.

Currently she is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a board member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association.  Still a frequent world traveler, and occasional guest-blogger on a number of other Travel Blogs, Trisha writes about travel and technology, sometimes both at the same time.

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Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers
Posted in Book Reviews on 26 August 2013
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Though not a book written specifically for travel writers… …Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers: 101 Motivational Stories for Writers – Budding or Bestselling – from Books to Blogs is nonetheless one I’d recommend to any writer. I thought I’d be able to skim through it and still write a credible review, however, [...]

Changing Priorities: A Year-End Reflection
Posted in First Person Experience, Overcoming Obstacles, Year End Reflections on 26 December 2011
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Last year at about this time I wrote a blog post about… …how I spend the last week of every year (as I have for many years) in quiet reflection on what I’ve accomplished during the year that’s just passed… …did I meet all of my goals? Some of them? Am I happy with how [...]

Q&A: What’s the Best Style of Travel Writing?
Posted in Q&A on 19 September 2011
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Time for another question from my mailbag! Okay, it’s not really a “mailbag”, it’s my inbox, but “question from my inbox” just doesn’t have quite the same ring. Nevertheless, this is another question I’m frequently asked by travel writers and bloggers…. Q. I keep hearing about this “debate” over what’s considered the best travel writing [...]

Top 7 Posts Worth Revisiting
Posted in Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 12 September 2011
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Many of our readers are already familiar with TripBase’s 7 Links Project… …And many have already participated. For those of you who may not have heard of it, the idea is for nominated bloggers to offer their readers a roundup of links to previous posts, one in each of seven categories, as a way of [...]

Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer
Posted in Book Reviews, Opportunities, Travel Writing Books on 29 August 2011
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What’s the one thing every writer must do to be considered a professional? Get their articles published and get paid for it. Last week I reviewed Roy Stevenson’s eBook, “Free and Low Cost Travel: Inside Secrets of a Successful Travel Writer“, about how to enjoy one of the perks of being a professional travel writer. [...]

Free and Low Cost Travel: Inside Secrets of a Successful Travel Writer
Posted in Book Reviews, Opportunities, Travel Writing Books on 22 August 2011
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Probably the number one question I hear from new travel writers and bloggers…. …is “How do I get free travel?“ The answer, unsurprisingly, is very similar to that for the old joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall” (answer: practice, practice, practice!)….in this case it’s “work, work, work”. However, if you’re looking for much [...]

Are You Missing a Golden Opportunity?
Posted in Opportunities on 8 August 2011
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Opportunity is a very interesting thing. It’s always there, even when few can see it. On the one hand, travel writers everywhere bemoan the shrinking opportunities to get published in print, as well as the steady decline in pay. And yet others point to growth in online opportunities and the ease with which nearly anyone [...]

Interview: Maria Staal
Posted in First Person Experience, Interviews on 13 June 2011
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel by container ship? Meet someone who did. I must confess that I’ve been a fan of Maria Staal‘s for quite some time. I first discovered Maria through her blog that chronicles her genealogical research into one of her ancestors (who it appears was a saint), and [...]

Book Review: Travel Writing 2.0
Posted in Book Reviews, Travel Writing Books, Writer's Education, Writer's Resources on 25 April 2011
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  Rare are my opportunities these days to just sit and read a good book. But when I do have time, you’ll generally find me with my nose buried in something that will help me improve my technical or writing skills, or learn something new about online marketing or promotion, or to stay current with [...]

Q&A: Why Are My Article Pitches Getting Rejected?
Posted in Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, Q&A on 31 January 2011
Stats: and 16 Comments

  Welcome to another installment of Ask The Editor! Today I cull once again through the copious questions from my email inbox, and pull another one that I hear frequently enough that it belongs in an FAQ somewhere: Q. Why do my article pitches and guest posting efforts get rejected? Sometimes I don’t even get [...]

How to Sabotage Your Social Networking Efforts
Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, Technology, Travel Writer Op-Ed on 10 January 2011
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Are you using Facebook and Twitter to promote your self as a travel writer? Every so often I get an email from someone who asks me why I haven’t responded to their Facebook friend request, or why I haven’t followed them on Twitter…… …most of the time the reason is that they’ve — perhaps unknowingly [...]

Finding Inspiration: A Year-End Reflection
Posted in First Person Experience, Overcoming Obstacles, Year End Reflections on 27 December 2010
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At the end of each year, I have a personal tradition that I engage in. I spend the last week of the year in quiet reflection of the year that has just passed, and the new year that is to come. I make time in my schedule to be alone, with just my notes from [...]

Q&A: Why Am I Not Getting Invited on Press Trips?
Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, Q&A on 25 October 2010
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Welcome to another installment of Ask The Editor! This month a travel blogger I know personally called and asked me why he/she (I won’t say which, I’m trying to keep this anonymous since it involves some constructive criticism) has been declined by several PR companies and destinations for press trips. It was frustrating just being [...]

Review: Why Your Website Sucks
Posted in Book Reviews, Getting Readers, Reviews on 19 September 2010
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No one wants to think that their website sucks. And no one wants to admit that it might, even when it does. But what does that even mean? At its core, a website has to do something for you, otherwise what is the point of having one? Just what it “does” for you is, of [...]

Travel Photography Tip: Create a Smile Circle
Posted in Tips & Tricks, Travel Photography on 11 August 2010
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Today’s Post is a re-print from professional travel photographer David Smith. David has generously given us permission to publish an article that was originally featured on his own blog, Interface Images, titled “Cool Photographer Tip: David’s Smile Circle Group“. Since most travel writers and bloggers these days are also serving double-duty as travel photographers, many [...]



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