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Teresa Roberts likes living on the edge of who she is while anticipating who she is becoming. She has reinvented herself more than once in life.  From teacher/principal to world traveler and international house sitter to certified hypnotist, she simply loves being on a learning curve. 

Her first published book, Finding the Gypsy in Me, was written to appease the multitude of people who wanted to hear more about her adventures abroad. She hopes it is at once inspiring and practical. Teresa constantly seeks creative routes to freedom. She could be the poster girl for finding adventure at any age and on any income. 

Visit to find out more about how Teresa travels the world as an international house sitter and how you can, too!

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Can You Become a Travel Writer at Any Age?
Posted in Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities on 28 November 2011
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Some people realize very early in life what they want to do when they grow up. Some people figure it out later on. However, a few people, like myself, stumble across their destiny quite by chance. I am not young. I am not rich. I wasn’t born under a lucky star. I don’t have connections. […]



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