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Janice Waugh

As publisher of Solo Traveler, Janice Waugh offers solo travel stories, tips, safety advice and destination ideas.

A professional writer and entrepreneur, she is also co-founder of the Global Bloggers Network, an interactive, online service for travel bloggers.

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Travel Writing: Are You Niche Enough?
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Readers, Guest Blog Posts on 20 May 2013
Stats: and 4 Comments

You’re a travel writer. You don’t write about food or gardening. You write about travel therefore, you have a niche. Unfortunately, unless you have star status as a travel writer, you’re not niche enough. Budget-strapped editors hiring freelancers don’t get stars for the majority of their stories. All things being equal, they hire writers with […]

When A Guest Post Just Doesn’t Make The Grade
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 13 December 2010
Stats: and 9 Comments

Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted from the Global Bloggers Network newsletter, with the gracious permission of Janice Waugh. I was asked recently how I manage a guest post that just isn’t the quality that I want on my site. And from there, the discussion expanded. We discovered that there are many issues around guest […]

Take Advantage of Google’s Free Tools
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Technology, Tips & Tricks on 14 April 2010
Stats: and 14 Comments

  Google offers a wide variety of free products, services, and tools. Some of these tools are designed to help websites become successful. I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools on a regular basis to gather the information I need to improve my blog. Yes, I look at how my numbers are doing – […]

Mentoring: The Two-Way Street to Success
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Writer's Resources on 22 March 2010
Stats: and 6 Comments

  You Mentor Me and I’ll Mentor You. My blog is less than a year old, yet it now holds position 51 in Travel Blog Sites’s top 100 travel blogs. I could not have achieved this spot without my blogging mentor. Keith of the Velvet Escape and I met on Twitter 10 months ago. I […]



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