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Cheryl Probst

Cheryl Probst is an award-winning photojournalist who spent more than 25 years working for newspapers in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, New York and China.

She retired from her job at a local law firm last year to concentrate on freelance writing, and now writes mainly about travel in China and the Pacific Northwest, as well as about motorcycles (she’s married to a motorcycle fanatic).

She has also created her own guidebook line, Cheryl’s Guides, to cover all the travel areas she wants to write about. Books about local wineries and motorcycle museums are on the drawing board.

Cheryl and her husband, Jon Teal, live in Washington State.

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Marketing Your Own Travel Books and Guides
Posted in Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts on 4 November 2009
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Unless you’re a Stephen King or a Dan Brown, the chances are really high that you’ll do most, if not all, of the marketing for your books yourself if you want to sell them. This is especially so if you’ve self-published your own travel guides, such as I have. Self-publishing is, after all, a do-it-yourself […]

Guidebooks: Is Self-Publishing For You?
Posted in Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles on 19 October 2009
Stats: and 8 Comments

Writing guidebooks is a dream of many travel writers, but if publishers aren’t knocking on your door begging you to write one for them, write your own and self-publish it. That’s what I did. My first mini-guide grew out of an article I was writing for a newspaper travel section in 1996. They wanted 750 […]



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