Finding Untapped Travel Writing Niches

Finding unique travel niches
Updated: Mar 11th, 2010

Recently, a new member of our forum who plans to attend college in Canada asked us a question about creating a single travel blog to write about two different travel writing niches.

He has an idea about blogging about college life, with a focus on the perspective of a foreign exchange student living abroad. His target audience will be teens and young adults who are in college or are college-bound, and who are possibly interested in becoming an exchange student.

He also wanted to write about the vibrant Canadian city in which his college happens to be located. Naturally this would target a different audience, primarily those who are interested in destination information about that city, and not necessarily about college life.

We suggested he create two separate websites, primarily to avoid send a confusing message to anyone who happens to come across his travel blog. People looking for destination information might assume it’s a blog about college life, and not stay around long enough to browse the site. Likewise, students might also get the wrong impression and assume it’s just about the city, not about his experience as an exchange student.

This is a great example of why it’s important to focus on a single travel writing niche – it’s easier to be perceived as an expert — and rank higher in the search engines — when your travel blog is focused and clear in it’s message.

However, his question did get us thinking about the idea of combining two different interests, one of which is travel-related, that could potentially speak to a single target audience.

As travel writers, we sometimes focus on the same old topics such as dining, nightlife, restaurant reviews, hotels and resorts, sight-seeing, and other typical aspects of travel writing. Put on your “thinking cap” and break out of the typical travel writing niche. With a little research, you could find a target audience for a very unique niche.

Tips for finding potential untapped travel writing niches

  • Research. This is a must. Make sure there’s a target audience for your travel writing niche market. Look at trends and see where they’re headed. You could find a golden niche if you dig for it!. Tools to use are the Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends;
  • Get feedback. On your current travel writing travel blog, post a poll. Survey readers and ask if they’d be interested in your idea. You may be surprised to discover that your new travel niche could have a strong following;
  • Read other blogs and websites that are similar in nature to your idea. Review the websites to see how you could improve upon them to create your new travel blog;
  • Just go for it! If your research tells you that at least some people are searching for information on your idea, then dive right in and get started on your new travel writing niche. Follow your instincts. If your “gut” says this is a winner then proceed ahead with confidence.

Examples of untapped travel writing niches

  • Weight loss travel. Think The Biggest Loser Meets Travel Writing! Climb mountains, alternative transportation (biking, running, or walking), or run on beaches. You could write about how ‘active’ travel can help you shed pounds once and for all;
  • Meditation travel. Take meditation to a whole new level by writing about the various “hot spots” around the world for meditating. Stretch your mind, body, and spirit;
  • Divorce travel. Many adults find themselves single again, and many of them like to travel, of course! Where do divorcees want to travel? Are there special cruises for divorced people? This could be a great market.

Be open to change and go beyond the usual topics of travel writing; enter uncharted waters. Your idea may seem off-the-wall, but there’s probably a target audience for it, you just have to locate them. With a little research you could stumble upon an untapped market that will catapult you to the top!


What travel writing niche haven’t you explored?

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  1. Excellent information. It is making the wheels turn in my mind of starting another website in the future and targeting the audience. The possibilities could be endless:)

  2. Glad to help! It helps to “drill down” your niche. I am so glad I finally discovered my niches. Being a “generalist” can be a lot of work :)

  3. Jennifer,

    Thanks for stopping by TWE! Sports tourism is a great travel market. Writers could follow and write about their favorite football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or baseball team. Definitely makes for some interesting travel writing.

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