Weave a Great Travel Article with StoryWeaver

StoryWeaver Writing Software to improve your travel writing
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Review Summary

What We Like:
  • Very affordable
  • Good tutorials
  • Easy to use
What We Don't Like:
  • Help section is decent, not great
  • Less features than Dramatica Pro
Our Rating:
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Pens
Price:  $29.95
More Info:

There are a lot of writing tools available that are designed to help travel writers and travel authors, to make the writing process easier.

Whether you’re crafting a narrative-style travel essay or a travel book, you’re in effect weaving a story that you hope will intrigue, engage, and entertain readers.

Some people are natural born storytellers with a gift for weaving a story in a way that leaves readers spellbound, others of us can’t mange to weave three pieces of string into a braid.

This is where a good writing tool like StoryWeaver can help.

Formerly named “Master Storyteller” and developed by the same people who created Dramatica Pro (you can read our review of Dramatica Pro here), but designed to serve a different function, StoryWeaver helps you build your story, guiding you through the use of what they call “story cards”.

Where Dramatica Pro helps travel writers develop the structure of a story, StoryWeaver helps those who already understand structure, but need help with the creative aspect of it.

With StoryWeaver the actual structuring of your story is handled in the background as you build your narration.

Thus StoryWeaver helps you to develop greater depth to your travel stories without getting bogged down in how to structure them.

From their description:

StoryWeaver uses a revolutionary new creative format as you follow more than 200 Story Cards™ step by step through the story development process.  You’ll design the people who’ll inhabit your story’s world, what happens to them, and what it all means…..StoryWeaver appeals to intuitive writers who like to follow their Muse and develop their stories as they go.

For those that enjoy organizing their work, you can create your own Story Cards. You can take notes, write down your ideas, and organize all of your story materials. When you’re ready to create a story of your own, use the the Story Development Templates so you can lay a solid dramatic foundation.

In addition, Story Weaver creates “automatic references” to other Story Cards. This will pull together work you do elsewhere within the program into a special Reference Window, which will help you develop a new aspect of your travel writing story, or even to create a series of related travel articles or stories.

What we like

  • There are tutorials and a troubleshooter; very easy to use. If you’re in the market for a very simple writing software then Story Weaver is for you;
  • The software is affordable. At only $29.95 it’s not a huge investment, but it can help you in a huge way;
  • StoryWeaver includes loads of “tips & tricks” to help you learn new ways to develop and tell your story – a great tool for inexperienced travel authors;
  • It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows – a big plus!

What we don’t like

  • The help section is so-so; Not as extensive as more expensive software, but given the price it’s hard to complain;
  • It doesn’t have as many features as other (more expensive) writing tools we’ve reviewed;

The key to great storytelling is to develop a solid story line. Remember, a comedian can have a great joke but it can fall flat if it’s improperly executed. You may have a brilliant idea for a story but if it’s told poorly if it will fall flat. Make sure your story is well developed. Write from the heart with energy, inspiration, and craftsmanship. You’ll become a master Story Weaver in no time!


What writing tools do you use? Share your experience!

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6 Responses to “Weave a Great Travel Article with StoryWeaver”

  1. Dave and Deb

    Sounds like a great tool and I do like the price. Even if it doesn’t have as many features as the more expensive, for 29.95 you probably get a lot. I am on a Mac, so that is great. I will definitely look into more.
    Thanks for always giving us great new tools and references to help with our writing.

    • Hi Deb – I downloaded the Mac demo version and am trying it – so far I really like it…..I have a couple of non-fiction travel narratives I’ve been wanting to write for years so I’m hoping this will help push me along that path…..my biggest problem is finding some spare time to write something like that….

  2. Rebecca

    Glad you found the post helpful. Most people have trouble building and structuring their stories. The software can help alleviate some of the frustration a writer may feel when it comes to building their story.

  3. Dan@acuna says:

    I use it all the time and love the simple prompts. I am still advanced cumputer slow

  4. Hampton Lake says:

    Oooh,this post was so helpful for me. I was just thinking how to start and build my story. Thanks a lot. Hampton Lake homes South Carolina

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