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19 September 2008 Post Author:
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It’s dawn and another gorgeous day is on the horizon in Kenya. As our travel writer wipes the sleep from his eyes, he stretches, yawns, and watches the sun rise. It’s a perfect photo opportunity. Our travel writer grabs his camera, gets in position, focuses, zooms in, and clicks to capture the picture perfect moment. He thinks to himself “another great photograph for my travel article.” “Stu at The Daily Traveler will really love this one.” Hark! What’s that beyond the trees? It looks like our travel writer has stumbled upon a mother lion and her cubs. Be steady mate. You do not want to be breakfast!

Travel writers, did you know that adding photos with your travel article will make you more marketable? It’s a fact. Not only will you have more opportunities to be published, but you can sell your photos. It’s a win-win situation!

Tips for Travel Photography

It is not necessary for you to be a professional photographer to take great pictures. The following tips will ensure success each time you point and click.

  1. Dress for success. When you go on a Kenyan safari, do not where a dress or three piece suit! Leave the sneakers at the hotel or hostel. Camouflage yourself from wildlife by wearing green, brown, and tan colored clothes. Bring a photo vest or jacket which has many pockets for photo accessories such as memory cards, lenses, and a flash unit. Do not wear sneakers! Buy a pair of good hiking shoes.
  2. Travel with a guide and or translator. Guides will know the area inside and out and will help you find the perfect shot. Most importantly, they can see people and places that you may not.
  3. Don’t take a picture, make it. To make a picture, think about the elements of the scene and how they will complement one another. Think about the lighting, background, and foreground you will use. What is the mood of the picture?

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One final suggestion. Spread goodwill and cheer everywhere you travel! Remember, when you are in a foreign country, you are the foreigner. Pay adults a small fee for taking their picture ($1 – $5). After all, you are getting a great photo and its only right that your subjects receive something. If you take a picture of a child or group of children, make a donation to a school or local charity.

Now…pack a bag, grab your camera, and have an adventure of lifetime. Photos included!


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