Top 10 Writing Courses

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Most people learn by doing. However, sometimes it’s necessary to take a class or two to “polish” your skills. Whether you are a novice or seasoned travel writer, you can always use a refresher course. Check out our list of top 10 writing courses!

Top 10 Writing Courses

Editor’s Note: Please note that we recently removed a couple of online courses that are no longer offered – we’ll be updating this page soon to replace those with new travel writing courses to bring our list back up to 10.

  1. MatadorU Travel Writing Course – Our Number One pick! This 12 week online travel writing course is a self-study method featuring a lesson, a writing assignment, and suggested reading for each of 12 weekly chapters. In addition there are weekly writing labs that give students who participate in the labs feedback from the instructors/editors from Matador, a Forum for interaction between students and instructors, and a Market Leads list for students to locate publication opportunities.
  2. American Writers and Artists, Inc. Offers course work from travel writing to desktop marketing, to help improve your skills as a writer. If you are a novice travel writer AWAI can help you sharpen your skills and move you forward to a great career!
  3. Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Teaches more than 6,000 students a year! Gotham is the leading creative writing school in NY and the USA. Not a resident of NY, no problem. Visit Gotham’s online (voted Best of the Web by Forbes Magazine) and sign up for a course in travel writing. Classes begin the week of May 19. You better hurry because class size is limited to 18 students!
  4. They have been offering online classes since 1995. Courses range from basic skills to advanced-level work. can help you improve your skills and explore new directions!
  5. The Writers Workshop. Provides travel, nature, fiction, and novel writing classes. Please note that the classes are online with a few exceptions.
  6. Writer’s Village University. Believes education is a life-long pursuit for beginning and experienced writers. Writer’s Village University is a full-time support service that offers courses, seminars, and special programs.
  7. Penn Foster Career School. Although this online course does not cover travel writing, it offers education in basic freelance writing skills that are valuable for any genre of professional writing.
  8. Washington State University. Do you love to write? Are you entering a writing field or simply want to improve your skills? WSU’s online professional writing certificate will give you a strong foundation in written communication skills. Please note that this course has several prerequisites.


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