Tax Issues

Everyone must file a tax return. Now that you are a successful travel writer you may be wondering what to do. You came to the right places. Even travel writers cannot get away from taxes. You can either file your own tax returns or find a CPA to prepare them for you. If you’re unsure of how to prepare you taxes, spend the money on a CPA — it will be worth it!

First, if you are going to file your own taxes you can use software such as TurboTax, if you are a citizen of the USA check out IRS E-File, or go to your local CPA.

As a travel writer, the government will classify you as a sole proprietor. You do not have to have a Federal Tax Id number, you can use your social security number. However, if you have employees working for you such as a photographer and or graphic designer, you will need a Federal Tax Id number.

You will want to keep track of items such as hotel, gas mileage, restaurants (if you have a business meeting), flights, and any other expenses. Keep all of your receipts! Even if you do not think you will need them, keep them.

Check out this article, Taxes For Writers. It gives you a good overview of taxes.

For writers outside of the USA, you may want to visit HM Revenue & Customs. This is a UK site!

Tax Tips For Writers and Authors is another article that gives you a great overview. The article speaks about setting up a LLC (Limited Liability Company) and electing an S (sub chapter) Corporation status.