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Karen Gibson

Karen Gibson is a freelance writer with more years of writing experience than she wants to admit. In addition to writing fiction for adults and nonfiction for children, she writes travel articles and features for various publishers. Her destination articles often focus on the southern or southwestern United States.

Karen has been published in magazines and websites for publications such as Midwest Traveler, Home & Away, Southern Traveler, Backpacker, Military Times, Camping Today, Oklahoma Today, and Motorhome. Additionally, she has provided writing and editing for Fodor Travel Guides, including The Old West, USA Guide, Gold Guide, and Road Guide series.

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Taking a Look at Your Own Backyard
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, Getting Readers, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts on 23 January 2012
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Victorian towns with a touch of the Old West swaggering out the saloon doors. Stickball in a 19th century Native American village. Discovering over 500 varieties of soda. A wildlife refuge where Teddy Roosevelt once hunted with Comanche war chief Quanah Parker. Celebrating a centennial. Oil barons and their riches. Experiencing the sights and smells […]



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