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Billie Frank

Billie Frank is a freelance writer covering Santa Fe and beyond. Her work has appeared in Colorado and New Mexico print publications and on the web.

She's also a blogger ( and co-owner of The Santa Fe Traveler, a travel-concierge and trip-planning service. (

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Got a Pet Peeve? Most Bloggers Do – Here’s 5 For You
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Readers, Guest Blog Posts on 18 July 2011
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Since launching our blog Santa Fe Travelers in December 2010, it’s become a vital part of my life. While I love blogging, there are some inherent things about writing for the web that irk me. I think that to keep quality content on the web and to minimize gaming the system, change is needed. Will […]

How I Got Back to Writing
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Started on 24 January 2011
Stats: and 9 Comments

Everyone has a story in them. You just have to put it down. Now, with so many internet opportunities, everyone can become a writer or at least a blogger. Here’s my story. I loved writing until my high school English teacher trashed a short story I wrote. I was crushed and put down my pen. […]



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