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15 January 2009 Post Author:
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We’ve had a LOT of inquiries from our travel writers about the Travel Channel Academy (the travel-focused digital film school designed to turn you into a Travel Journalist in 4 days)…. so here it is, as promised, our recorded interview with Lisa Lambden, founder and driving force behind the the Travel Channel Academy (read her full biography below – she’s one very impressive lady!).

It’s a great interview – Lisa explains exactly who the Travel Channel Academy is designed for and why you’ll want to take the course!

We’re looking forward to following up with Lisa when she launches her newest venture, New York Video School (slated for February 2009) – be sure to sign up for our Weekly Recap so you don’t miss that interview when it’s posted.


Audio Podcast: Listen or Download


Download the PDF Transcript – 74KB PDF file

Lisa Lambden training at the Travel Channel Academy

Lisa Lambden training at the
Travel Channel Academy

Meet Lisa Lambden:

Lisa Lambden is a Managing Director of Rosenblum Associates, Inc., and as such produces Video Journalism-driven programming and consults on VJ-driven newsroom projects worldwide. Her consulting work has included the complete conversion of Dutch Public Television to the VJ model, as well as working with American broadcasters such as KGTV/San Diego to convert their newsrooms. She is overseeing the construction of a national network of VJ-driven news ‘nodes’ for Verizon’s FiOS networks, which will ultimately also encompass a significant ‘Citizen Journalist’ component.

In partnership with The Travel Channel, she founded and runs Travel Channel Academy (, a national video training partnership with programs in Santa Barbara, New York, and Washington DC.

She is a founding partner in New York Video School, an online training center slated for launch in February 2009.

Prior to joining Rosenblum Associates, Lisa spent 17 years with The BBC. During that time she was an on-air journalist and reporter. She later ran newsrooms, produced hundreds of hours of programming, wrote and reported for BBC News. In 2002 she built the first successful VJ-run station for the BBC and later ran the BBC’s entire national VJ project, training more than 750 BBC journalists and transitioning more than a dozen stations across the UK, as well as BBC Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. She also had a critical advisory role in the creation of BBC Local News, a 6-station pilot project conducted by The BBC in which 6 hyper local VJ driven TV/broadband stations were built in and around Birmingham, UK. Prior to joining the BBC, Lisa was a print journalist for a series of newspapers in the UK.

As a television producer Lisa was Executive Producer of the "5 Takes" series for The Travel Channel, EP for the digital and interactive cable series Drew Carey’s Sporting Adventures; as well as 40 Degrees North, Show Us Your World, Invisible Journey and many others.

She also writes and produces What’s Your Trip, a user generated content series for The Travel Channel.

She has lectured extensively worldwide on the video and digital revolution and is a major player in the growing global digital online community.

10 Responses to “Interview: Lisa Lambden – Travel Channel Academy”

  1. Angela says:

    Great interview…I learned a lot..

  2. BillieJean says:

    Who knew the Travel Channel had a Travel Academy. It’s something to think about as a travel writer.

  3. Richard says:

    I checked out the Travel Academy, it seems like it would be a good program. Videos are popular and knowing how to use them will make you more marketable.

  4. Duchessof Writing says:

    Being a travel writer today is not like it was back in the day. I think technology has taken it to another level. Great interview…

  5. WriterMom2 says:

    Technology does play a role in travel writing. However, you must be able to write a compelling article that will draw people in and make them want to know more. Complement this with media and you have the makings of a great career in travel writing.

  6. Rebecca

    It was a great interview with Lisa Lambden! The Travel Channel Academy will be expanding so look for it in a city near you…Kudos to Trisha for the interview 🙂

  7. Gemma says:

    Great interview. Didn’t know about The Travel Channel Academy. Worth looking into. I could use more multi-media skills. I think it would be exciting to produce short-form video content.


  8. Gary says:

    Hi, really enjoyed this interview, hearing it from someone with so much experience and has lived this career has helped me a lot. Working for BBC must have been very interesting, what better place to learn. Well keep up the good work and i will be looking into this programme, think i could get a lot from it, thanks.
    .-= Gary´s last blog post: Arizona – Grand Canyon National Park =-.

  9. Manny says:

    Well, Lisa Lambden is sure one woman I salute. Integrity, intelligence and definitely a lovely woman. A woman worth my high respect and adoration.

  10. Ben says:

    That is really Impressive. I wish someday I can attend the Travel Channel Academy. I love pictures as well as taking them.

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