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Optimize Your Travel Blog with Scribe

  S-E-O.   Do those three little letters cause panic whenever you think about Search Engine Optimization? How does a non-techie travel blogger optimize a site without writing text that sounds artificial and spammy? What if SEO advice appeared conveniently in the WordPress dashboard? Travel bloggers, meet Scribe, the online SEO tool that helps optimize […]

Suzy: Week 5 Goals – Customizing Her Travel Blog
[Posted on: 18 September 2009]
[Posted in: Case Studies, Getting Readers, Getting Started]

If you’re wondering what this Case Study is all about, please read the introductory post from Week One. In last week’s installment of this Case Study, we covered part of Level 3 of the Flow Chart and installing WordPress for Suzy’s new travel blog. This week we’re continuing Level 3 with some tips on structuring […]



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