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Travel Writer Travels Everywhere to Find the Right Companion
[Posted on: 1 September 2008]
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He traveled day and night looking for that special travel companion for his next adventure. His travels take him all over the internet and throughout the city. He points and clicks to the travel section on which is jammed packed with books. He walks to the local bookstore and finds a travel section overrun […]

Help Wanted! Have You Been Disappointed by Travel Writing Opportunities?
[Posted on: 14 July 2008]
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As a travel writer finding and holding onto travel writing opportunities can be a challenge. One minute opportunity knocks, the next minute it disappears into thin air. Stay calm and try not to fret over it. Losing an opportunity could be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it was not meant to be because too much […]

Many People Have Travel Writing Careers And You Can Too!
[Posted on: 9 July 2008]
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Do you dream of a successful travel writing career? All it takes is the right attitude, dedication, and perseverance. Most people give up on their dreams before they’ve had the chance to take root. Our society is one of “quick results.” Many people want instantaneous gratification and satisfaction. It does not work that way. You […]

Discover 3 Simple Ways to Encourage Yourself
[Posted on: 2 July 2008]
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The road to travel writing success may not be paved with gold for some travel writers. Instead, it may be paved with debris such as rejection, disappointment, regret, and heartbreak. Opportunity may knock at the door, but it quickly leaves for some reason. Travel writers are left with a “deer in the headlights” facial expression […]

Little Known Ways to Transition Into Travel Writing
[Posted on: 9 June 2008]
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If you are an aspiring travel writer, you better hold onto your day job! Yes, travel writing can be fun, romantic, and exciting, but let’s be real, it’s not a job that will pay your bills each month. Unless, of course, you’re a seasoned travel writer. Or you have a “magic wand” that you can […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Publishers and FREE Travel
[Posted on: 22 May 2008]
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The lifestyle of a travel writer can be adventurous, fun, and romantic. Oooh lala! Two obstacles to travel writing are getting published and paying for travel. If you are a novice writer, you probably suffered from numerous rejections from editors and publishers. Perhaps you’ve been turned down for press trips, even though they matched your […]

Fly Away From Travel Writer Rejection to Opportunity
[Posted on: 14 May 2008]
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“All this rejection’s got me so low.” That’s a line from the song “Self Esteem” by The Offspring. Rejection of all types is an unavoidable part of life. Job rejection can suck! Sending out travel article after travel article and resume after resume becomes mechanical. Soon cynicism and fear settle in like “Mr. Mucas” from […]

Travel Bloggers
[Posted on: 17 April 2008]
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Travel writers, did you know that blogging is one of the best and safest online businesses? Would you like to work from home or anywhere in the world? It’s simple and relatively inexpensive to become a travel blogger. The only thing you invest in is your time. Steps to BECOME a TRAVEL BLOGGER Are you […]

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