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Get paid with online job sites like
[Posted on: 31 March 2009]
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[5 Comments] is yet another online job site — it’s similar to In fact, and are the two biggest online job sites for freelancers. Travel writers can earn extra cash by signing up with Not only does Elance provide you with paying opportunities, but you’ll have portfolio pieces. Here’s a review of […]

Connect with others in a travel writing forum

A travel writing forum is a great way to connect with travel writers all over the world. You can make international connections within seconds. Plus, you never know what you’ll find within the pages of a travel writing forum. If you have a question, put it on a forum. Forget about searching the internet for […]

Travel careers that can support your writing
[Posted on: 27 March 2009]
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If you’re an aspiring travel writer, the best way to learn about the industry is to work in it. Maybe you require a full-time or part-time job to supplement your writing career. There are plenty of travel careers available to you. Not only is it fun to work in the travel industry, but you can […]

Article Marketing
[Posted on: 16 March 2009]
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Article marketing is an effective method to drive traffic to your website. Once you understand how to utilize article marketing, you should see an increase in your website visitor statistics. Article Marketing is something that the most successful online marketers do each day to drive traffic to their website, and while daily submissions aren’t necessary, […]

A travel writer uses caution when joining groups on
[Posted on: 10 March 2009]
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[1 Comment] is a great place to meet “like-minded” people. However, there are some groups that impose stringent rules on its members. If you’re a travel writer, use caution before you sign up with a Meetup group. Make sure you have all of the facts. Here’s some insight to groups on from my personal experience. […]

Stop Whining about Travel Jobs — Become a Wine Critic
[Posted on: 20 February 2009]
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Are you a travel writer who is bored with writing about travel destinations? Are you a wine connoisseur? You could become a wine critic and marry your love of travel with wine. Remember that travel jobs just like wines come in many varieties. Becoming a wine critic is a great way to get started in […]

Find Travel Jobs by Heading in the Right Direction
[Posted on: 11 February 2009]
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Finding travel jobs takes skill and know how. If you’re not going in the right direction you can wind up off course. There are many job options within the travel industry. You could work for a cruise line, become a travel agent, start your own online travel agency, or begin a specialty agency such as […]

Explore How to Become a Travel Writer
[Posted on: 9 February 2009]
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Do you like to travel? Are you a writer? If you enjoy writing and traveling, marry these two passions and become a travel writer. You could learn how to become a travel writer in no time. Are you ready to live your dream? Many people enjoy traveling and would like to find ways to pay […]

Travel Writers Take Advantage of Jobs Within the Travel Industry
[Posted on: 4 February 2009]
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As aspiring travel writers, consider taking advantage of jobs within the travel industry to “jump start” your travel writing career. Many people search job boards such as CareerBuilder,,, Craigslist, and the countless other internet sites for writing jobs. However, if you’re new at writing travel, you can squelch the competition by applying for […]

Travel Writers Work Together and Find Success
[Posted on: 23 January 2009]
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Travel writers, have you considered working together? Do you know any graphic artists? They could work with you as well; it could be a win-win situation. You probably think this is a “hair brained” idea and maybe it is. However, if it can work for a group of hairstylists in Arizona, it could work for […]

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