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If you’re wondering where you can get published, you came to the right place. There are a plethora of travel websites that will accept your travel writings. For instance, you may want to visit travelinsights. This website has a page (left hand side) called “I want to write.” Just point, click, and submit! It’s that easy. You can even include photos with your “best travel writing.”

There’s an online version of Travel and Leisure Magazine. If you “scroll down” to the bottom of the website you will see “contact.” Click, on contact, submit a query, and see what happens. FYI: Travel and Leisure pays “on acceptance.” The magazine does an excellent job of providing travel writers with submission guidelines.

Travel Websites

  1. Frommers
  2. Brave New Traveler
  3. Travel + Leisure
  4. Matador Travel
  5. BootsnAll
  6. National Geographic

Matador Travel is another website to check out. They are a travel community for people who are “passionate” about travel. You can create an account free and easy. The best part is that the website lists paid travel writing assignments. Also, you are invited to submit your article to Traverse, which is Matador Travel’s online magazine. Sign up with Matador Travel. Also, check out Brave New Traveler as well.

Why not write a review about your travels? It may seem kind of “offbeat,” but it’s another way to showcase your travel writings to the public. Check out epinions. I found a review on the state of Washington, and it was very helpful. You can also upload photos with your article. This is another way for you to get your travel writing noticed by The World.


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