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Who’s Afraid of Travel Writing? Conquer Your Fear, Write, and Find Success
[Posted on: 17 September 2008]
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It’s midnight and all is quiet on the waterfront. Her heels click on the pavement as she walks quickly back to her hotel. A stranger in a strange land, she clutches her notebook close to her. It holds the key to her travel writing success. Nay, the travel article that is yet to be written [...]

Reject Rejection: Travel Writer Overcomes Disappointment
[Posted on: 3 September 2008]
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She was given an opportunity to write for LifeWire, a business unit of The New York Times Company. The assignment was to write a 750 word or less travel article on Family Travel to Aruba. She psyched herself up to write the article but deep down inside, she was not excited about Aruba or writing [...]

Experience the Thrill of Being a Travel Journalist
[Posted on: 1 August 2008]
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Journalism jobs are very popular in surveys of what jobs college and university students would like. Travel writers who would like to transition into travel journalism already have an advantage. They have been writing for years and have the experience. Aspiring travel writers have an advantage as well because they most likely have the passion, [...]

Help Wanted! Have You Been Disappointed by Travel Writing Opportunities?

As a travel writer finding and holding onto travel writing opportunities can be a challenge. One minute opportunity knocks, the next minute it disappears into thin air. Stay calm and try not to fret over it. Losing an opportunity could be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it was not meant to be because too much [...]

Need a Travel Writing Makeover?
[Posted on: 13 June 2008]
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Travel writers, does your writing need a makeover? Whether you are a novice or expert, it’s good to refresh your skills. One way to do this is by taking classes and courses in travel writing. Another way is to attend a conference or two. Seminars and workshops are also great ways to “hone” your writing [...]

A Partnership of Travel Writing and Photography
[Posted on: 20 May 2008]
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Travel writing is just like painting: a travel writer uses a palette of words instead of paints! When you breathe life into a story through your words, readers will want more. Part of the fun of travel writing is sharing your knowledge gained from your experience. A photograph can tell the whole story or part [...]

A Travel Writer’s Education from Home
[Posted on: 2 May 2008]
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How many people loved being in school? Come on, raise your hand! Receiving an “advanced” education today is not like it was “back in the day.” Just go online and type in “college, course work, or university” and you will receive many listings for “online” instruction. That’s right! You can get a travel writer’s education [...]



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