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Interview: Maralyn D. Hill, President of IFWTWA
[Posted on: 5 May 2009]
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For those that don’t already know, IFWTWA stands for the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association. It is a global network of people involved in the hospitality and lifestyle industries and the writers, bloggers, and journalists who promote them by informing others about them. This past week I had the great pleasure of interviewing [...]

Travel Writing Books Will Strengthen Your Core Skills

Many writers have a library filled with books. Some are fiction and some are non-fiction such as writing books. If you’re a travel writer, you’ll want to fill your library with travel writing books. These books are an investment that will be invaluable to you as a writer. If you make a living as a [...]

Lonely Planet sacks 50 staff — Affects travel writers
[Posted on: 5 March 2009]
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Here’s a press release from that is an interesting read. This will affect travel writers who specifically write destination pieces. Gone are the days of just telling people where to stay, eat, shop, sight see, and party. Make your writing interesting and it will sell! =============================================================== — Press Release Distribution 3/5/2009 =============================================================== — [...]

Why You Need to Hire a Copy Editor
[Posted on: 18 February 2009]
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“When traveling to Strasbourg you must go to the bathroom. The toilet paper is purple. Not just any purple…but a lovely shade of lavender. I really wanted to bring some of this home with me to show my friends, but I thought that might not be appropriate. I didn’t try out any other bathrooms in [...]

Travel Writing Course Solves Job Problem
[Posted on: 16 February 2009]
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Many people believe that life is one big classroom where we learn valuable lessons. It makes sense that the world is filled with travel writers! Did you know that a travel writing course is a good investment? If you’re new to travel writing, you could benefit from a course or two. As with any career [...]

Establish an Authentic Travel Writing Blog

Many people claim to be travel writers, but when put to the test they are “exposed” as “wannabes.” It’s easy to lift information off of other websites, which is fine if you’re citing and giving credit to the author (give a linkback as well). However, if you use the information in your own blog without [...]

Travel Writers Create an eBook from Your Articles
[Posted on: 30 January 2009]
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Travel writers who have written articles based on their “niche” market can turn them into eBooks. Don’t think it can be done? Well, you better think twice! Writing can be the hardest part, but if you have a lot of travel articles, you’re half-way there. Don’t give up now! If you have a blog or [...]

Interview: Lisa Lambden – Travel Channel Academy
[Posted on: 15 January 2009]
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We’ve had a LOT of inquiries from our travel writers about the Travel Channel Academy (the travel-focused digital film school designed to turn you into a Travel Journalist in 4 days)…. so here it is, as promised, our recorded interview with Lisa Lambden, founder and driving force behind the the Travel Channel Academy (read her [...]

Don’t Let Your Travel Writing Go Up in Smoke
[Posted on: 12 January 2009]
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Travel writers, do you struggle with writing your travel articles? If you do, stop struggling and get help! There are many courses you can take to strengthen your writing skills. We all could use a refresher course to make sure our writing skills are up-to-date. It’s easy to get frustrated when you write an article [...]

To Be or Not Be Travel Writer is an Error
[Posted on: 1 October 2008]
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“Want to be travel writer, NOW!” That’s great that you have passion for travel writing, but sometimes mistakes happen when you write for a long period time. Let’s say you are excited to have come back from Salvador, Brazil and cannot wait to write about it. You write and write into the “wee hours” of [...]



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