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Ace Camps: Change Your Writing, Change Your Life
[Posted on: 24 March 2010]
[Posted in: Interviews, Writer's Education]

While researching travel writing workshops for my post last week, I came across ACE Camps. ACE Camps features a variety of educational workshops, a couple of which were specific to travel writing, so naturally I included them in my post. I was also very intrigued by their overall concept for workshops — life enrichment-style courses [...]

Travel Writing Workshops and Conferences
[Posted on: 19 March 2010]
[Posted in: Writer's Education]

There’s no doubt in my mind that any travel writer or blogger can benefit from attending a workshop or conference. Whether you’re a seasoned professional writer with many print publications on your resume, or a brand new travel blogger, or just thinking of getting into this industry, you’ll learn something — from some of the [...]

Interview: Lisa Lambden, New York Video School
[Posted on: 13 January 2010]
[Posted in: Interviews, Podcasts, Writer's Education]

Many of you will remember Lisa Lambden from my prior interview with her – she’s the founder and director of the Travel Channel Academy. Lisa has launched an exciting new project – one that every travel writer should pay close attention to – called the “New York Video School“, and she graciously took time out [...]

Do You Write What You Mean?
[Posted on: 28 December 2009]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Tips & Tricks, Writer's Education]

Editing is a must when you write. Even the best writers and editors need someone else to edit their work. It is very easy when you are typing quickly to misspell or use the wrong spelling of a word. I did it a few weeks ago with an important e-mail—using their instead of there—and I [...]

BlogWorld & New Media Expo Wrap Up
[Posted on: 28 October 2009]
[Posted in: General News & Info, Writer's Education]

I know it’s been a week since I was at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009, but I needed time to digest all that I experienced while there, and formulate an opinion to share with you. A number of travel bloggers wrote to me asking this burning question: Is it worth the time, effort, and [...]

Improve Your Travel Writing by Learning a New Language
[Posted on: 26 August 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Reviews, Writer's Education]

Travel Writers can benefit from learning a second or third language, especially if you travel frequently to other countries. While many people around the world do speak english (quite well, too, and more speak english well enough that you can get by), the vast majority of people you’ll encounter will truly appreciate that you are [...]

Travel Writers & Photographers Conference – Wrap Up
[Posted on: 18 August 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Writer's Education]

This year’s Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference has come to an end. The final day was shorter, especially for me as I had to duck out a bit early to catch my flight home. I’m truly sorry to be missing the final words of Conference Chair Don George, the announcement of the winners [...]

Travel Writers & Photographers Conference – Day 3
[Posted on: 16 August 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Writer's Education]

Day Three (yesterday) of the 18th Annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference was a long day spent trying to absorb as much of the outpouring of knowledge and experience being shared as I possibly could – taking notes both on paper and laptop so fast and furiously that my hands were starting to [...]

Travel Writers & Photographers Conference – Day 2
[Posted on: 15 August 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Writer's Education]

First, before I dive right into divulging any more of the great travel writing advice I’m gleaning from the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, I have to extend major kudos to the wonderful folks here at the Book Passage bookstore – it takes a special type of person to pull off a conference [...]

Inside a Travel Writers Conference
[Posted on: 13 August 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Writer's Education]

If you’re on my newsletter list, or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know where I am as I write this post. It’s a little past 10pm on Thursday evening, and I’m in Corte Madera, California attending the 18th Annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference. I’m here because for a very long time I’ve [...]



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