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What It’s Actually Like to Be A Travel Writer
[Posted on: 19 August 2019]
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Nearly everyone has a totally skewed idea about the travel writer’s life. The most popular perception is that we flit around Europe’s most romantic destinations—or perhaps exotic S.E. Asian islands—staying for free in luxury resorts and villas, being force fed the finest culinary delights. Many think we’re constantly escorted on free private guided tours of […]

What To Look For In Professional Travel Editors: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
[Posted on: 12 June 2018]
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I’ve worked with more than 200 magazine editors in my ten years as a freelance travel journalist. Most of these editors have been good at their jobs, and our interactions were smooth and efficient. The Bad But, a few editors were clearly in over their heads. They were disorganized. They lost emails. They didn’t respond […]

Review: London School of Journalism
[Posted on: 25 March 2013]
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After twenty years of travel obsession, Ben Holbrook signs up to the London School of Journalism’s travel writing course – here’s the inside scoop on his bizarre but brilliant experience. Sitting at a bar drinking ice-cold San Miguel, a suitcase-sized screen showed lions ripping deer to pieces on National Geographic TV. I scribbled notes in […]



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