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Here’s a Quick Way to Publishers and FREE Travel
[Posted on: 22 May 2008]
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The lifestyle of a travel writer can be adventurous, fun, and romantic. Oooh lala! Two obstacles to travel writing are getting published and paying for travel. If you are a novice writer, you probably suffered from numerous rejections from editors and publishers. Perhaps you’ve been turned down for press trips, even though they matched your […]

Who Else Wants to Break Into Travel Writing?

Are you an aspiring travel writer? Would you like to write for newspaper travel sections, glossy magazines with gorgeous photos, or other travel publications? If you answered “YES,” then you “stumbled upon” the right website! Since you are new to travel writing, you may be unsure of what to write. Contact your local tourism office […]

A Partnership of Travel Writing and Photography
[Posted on: 20 May 2008]
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Travel writing is just like painting: a travel writer uses a palette of words instead of paints! When you breathe life into a story through your words, readers will want more. Part of the fun of travel writing is sharing your knowledge gained from your experience. A photograph can tell the whole story or part […]

Instant Readership with a Travel Blog
[Posted on: 8 May 2008]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Getting Started, Tips & Tricks]
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If you are starting out in travel writing, consider creating a blog! It is one of the greatest and safest online businesses. You can work from home or anywhere in the world! Blogs are simple and inexpensive. The best part is blogs are a great way for you to gain readers and MAKE MONEY! Go […]

10 Secrets of Travel Writing Revealed
[Posted on: 7 May 2008]
[Posted in: Tips & Tricks, Travel Writing Books, Writer's Resources]

If you have a passion for traveling and writing then combine the two and become a travel writer! Would you like to know the “secrets” to travel writing? Then you came to the right place! You may want to purchase a few books along the way such as Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing or […]

How to Get Started With Travel Writing!
[Posted on: 1 May 2008]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Tips & Tricks]
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You decided that you would like to be a travel writer. Good for you! First, you must travel! Whether you are a backpacker or a “luxury” traveler it makes no difference. Second, get out there and meet people! Some travel writers forget or overlook the importance of personal interaction. Chatting with the locals, the hotel […]



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