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ExcellentGuide is….Not So Excellent
[Posted on: 15 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Reviews, Writer's Resources]
[7 Comments] is a rather odd combination of an Article Submission Site and a Directory of websites, bookmarks, and videos. It appears as if they are trying to single-handedly replace,,, and the Yahoo Directory. However, if you can overlook the amateurish-looking website and obnoxious Google Ads, and the fact that they explain nothing […]

Connect to the Right Web Host with The WHIR
[Posted on: 13 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Reviews, Technology]
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Choosing a web hosting service can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to websites and hosting services. The WHIR can take the “bite” out of finding a web hosting company. Web Host Industry Review (WHIR) touts themselves to as the “the largest news organization and consumer resource dedicated to the web hosting industry, […]

Become a Powerful Writer with Power Writer
[Posted on: 8 July 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Power Writer is an excellent writing tool for any writer. If you’re working on a travel fiction or non-fiction novel, this software can help you craft a compelling story in no time. Every writer can use an arsenal of writing tools. Make sure that Power Writer is part of yours! Power Writer has three main […]

Travel Writers Use Ezine Finder to Get Readers
[Posted on: 6 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Based on some of the email we’ve received lately there seems to be some confusion between and These are two distinctly different websites with very different functions., which is the focus of today’s review, is primarily a directory of ezines, also known as e-newsletters or online magazines. is strictly an article […]

Let The Writer’s Software be Your Writing Companion
[Posted on: 1 July 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

The Writer’s Software Companion is great for travel writers that would like to try their hand at fiction writing, and many do just that, either by taking their travel writing articles and turning them into a novel, or by using travel writing to “pay the bills” while they are writing their novel in their spare […]

Isnare Article Submission and Distribution
[Posted on: 29 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Opportunities, Reviews]

If you’ve been following our site for a while you’ll know that we strongly encourage travel writers to make use of Article Marketing as a way to increase traffic to your own site or travel blog (and also to increase your reputation and credibility in your chosen niche), by submitting your articles to at least […]

Unblock Writer’s Block with Writer’s Blocks 3
[Posted on: 22 June 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Reviews, Tips & Tricks]

If you ever experienced writer’s block, you know how frustrating it can be. While no application can guarantee that you’ll find inspiration and recapture creativity, one application, Writer’s Blocks 3, does claim to help you work through writers block by saving you time, making you more productive, and enhancing your creativity! Writer’s Blocks 3 works […]

Boost Your Site Traffic With GoArticles
[Posted on: 12 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Reviews]

GoArticles is a popular article marketing site. You can create a FREE account and start submitting your travel writing articles immediately. This is a nice and CLEAN website. It’s very easy to navigate. The best part is that they give you a few “extras” such as Blog-Search. This will cut down on your search time […]

The Skinny on Duplicate Content Checking Software
[Posted on: 25 May 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews]

When you submit your travel writing articles to Ezine Articles, Affsphere, Go Articles, or your chosen article marketing site, make sure they are different from the originals. Several article submission directories require that you submit ONLY unique content to them (so be sure to read the guidelines before submitting articles), but it’s also a good […]

Online Job Sites: versus
[Posted on: 11 May 2009]
[Posted in: Reviews]

Have you been wondering about online job sites and They are two of the largest internet sites for finding outsourced (freelance) jobs from nearly every industry. If you have a skill and need work, chances are good you’ll find plenty of opportunities on one or both of these sites. Likewise if you need […]



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