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SEO Blogger Firefox Extension Review
[Posted on: 19 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Reviews, Technology]

I’m assuming that a majority of travel writers are relying on their blogging platform and its built-in plugins to optimize articles for the best search engine results. The problem with this method is that you are relying on automated code to guess the best target market. For example, my article “5 Extreme Winter Sports That […]

Travel Writing: See the World. Sell the Story.
[Posted on: 17 February 2010]
[Posted in: Book Reviews, Reviews]

Louisa Watson Peat O’Neil is no stranger to the travel writing industry. She is a former staff writer for The Washington Post and has had her travel writing published in several esteemed national and international newspapers and magazines. So when she writes a book about travel writing, it makes sense to read it. Travel Writing: […]

A Travel Writer’s Dream Kit Come True, Maybe
[Posted on: 6 January 2010]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Travel fiction can be a refreshing approach to writing about travel. There are many ‘non-fiction’ books on the market and a work of fiction could be a breath of fresh air that a Publisher is looking for. Many travel writers submit a guidebook or a ‘travel tips’ book. Set yourself apart and take a stab […]

eBook Review: Just What Works: Write Right Online
[Posted on: 9 December 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Many of the travel writers I communicate with are long-time, traditional freelance travel writers who are very accustomed to producing content structured in accordance with the editorial guidelines of whatever publication they are writing for. They can produce the exact number of words, use the desired point of view, and can “style” their writing to […]

Weave a Great Travel Article with StoryWeaver
[Posted on: 16 September 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

There are a lot of writing tools available that are designed to help travel writers and travel authors, to make the writing process easier. Whether you’re crafting a narrative-style travel essay or a travel book, you’re in effect weaving a story that you hope will intrigue, engage, and entertain readers. Some people are natural born […]

Improve Your Travel Writing by Learning a New Language
[Posted on: 26 August 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Reviews, Writer's Education]

Travel Writers can benefit from learning a second or third language, especially if you travel frequently to other countries. While many people around the world do speak english (quite well, too, and more speak english well enough that you can get by), the vast majority of people you’ll encounter will truly appreciate that you are […]

We’re Not Amazed with
[Posted on: 29 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Amazines is another article marketing site that can drive web traffic to your site. They claim that they’re dedicated to helping you grow your subscriber list and develop more business. Of course, this is what all travel writers want. However, is not an amazing article marketing site, but it does seem adequate and may […]

Add Drama to Your Travel Story with Dramatica Pro
[Posted on: 22 July 2009]
[Posted in: Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Travel writers, do you have a travel story in mind that you’ve always wanted to turn into a novel? If so, then Dramatica Pro is a program that can be your “creative writing partner”. Dramatica Pro is the only Story Development software to receive a 4 Star rating from Writers Digest Magazine, and when you […]

Extra, Extra! Submit Your Articles to YourNews
[Posted on: 20 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Reviews]
[2 Comments] is a local article marketing site. Similar to many local online news websites, except that makes it easy for you to sign up for an account and submit your travel articles based on your zip code, which you enter the first time you land on the site. You can also submit travel articles […]

Smack Down: Seesmic vs TweetDeck vs Nambu
[Posted on: 16 July 2009]
[Posted in: Reviews, Technology]

Last week I happened to mention on Twitter that I was not thrilled with TweetDeck, as it was unstable and crashed regularly on my Mac, and that I was testing an alternative Twitter Client called Nambu. Nambu is a native Mac application, whereas TweetDeck runs on the Adobe AIR platform. I really love Nambu, but […]



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