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SEO Blogger Firefox Extension Review
[Posted on: 19 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Reviews, Technology]

I’m assuming that a majority of travel writers are relying on their blogging platform and its built-in plugins to optimize articles for the best search engine results. The problem with this method is that you are relying on automated code to guess the best target market. For example, my article “5 Extreme Winter Sports That […]

A Master Podcaster Shares His Advice
[Posted on: 15 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Podcasts, Technology, Tips & Tricks]

  So you want to start your own audio podcast? Perhaps you always dreamed of having your own radio show. Or perhaps you just want to document your travels for your friends and family. You can create your own internet radio show by creating a podcast. A Plan The first thing that a podcaster needs […]

Hosted Trips: It’s All a Matter of Principle
[Posted on: 10 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Travel Writer Op-Ed]

Hosted Press Trips – Are you in favor or not? This topic has been tossed around for years with stands pro and con. Discussions generally run to extremes and can get quite heated. In the past, most salaried journalists were not allowed to participate in hosted trips. The publishers felt it clouded their reporting. Instead, […]

How To Manage Your Blog While Traveling
[Posted on: 8 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks]

Many people that travel for extended periods of time often consider making a travel blog to share their experiences with friends and family.  Some also dream of having their blog take off and become popular.   If you are one of the few that has made the decision to keep a travel blog with hopes […]

How to Find the Right Editor for Your Book
[Posted on: 5 February 2010]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts]

It is the great dream of every writer. Whether you write non-fiction articles, novels, poems, short stories or film and book reviews, it is inevitable that you have a desire to be published. And if you buy into the general consensus about getting published, you’ll think you have a better chance of winning the lottery, […]

What’s a Real Editor Going to Do For My Manuscript?
[Posted on: 3 February 2010]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts]
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Would you fly from San Francisco to Paris if your airplane was flown by a pilot that didn’t know what he was doing? I think not. Would you take your car to a mechanic who was just practicing in his spare time? I hope not. Well, why would you trust your manuscript to the eyes […]

Choose Your Words Carefully
[Posted on: 1 February 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, The Ambidextrous Travel Writer]

One of the most powerful moments of my professional life was when I was a guest writer visiting an elementary school. I asked a class of 4th graders to describe the color of the Caribbean Sea. After the “turquoise” word was shouted out by many, we brainstormed and came up with some better ways to […]

Research: A Key to Great Travel Writing
[Posted on: 27 January 2010]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts]

Finding a research approach that allows you to deliver fresh, unique, and thoughtful content is one of the greatest hurdles for travel writers.   Whether you only have a few days in one location or are embarking on an extended RTW trip, conducting some preliminary research on your destination will enhance your travel experience and […]

A Blog is Like a Baby: How to Parent It
[Posted on: 25 January 2010]
[Posted in: Guest Blog Posts, Tips & Tricks]

A good parent can’t say, “Well, I changed, fed, and loved the baby yesterday. I’m tired today; I’m going to take a break.” Blogs also need constant care and attention. If you don’t keep feeding your blog’s audience new information and stories, they will wither away. Blogs are hungry little suckers. It’s not just the […]

The Importance of Finding Your Travel Niche
[Posted on: 18 January 2010]
[Posted in: First Person Experience, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts]

I write about “all things India”. I write about India in newspaper and magazine articles, on Facebook and Twitter, in emails and essays and, of course, especially on my travel blog,   Every one who knows me is well-acquainted with my obsession, er passion, for India. But now and again someone asks me, “why […]



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