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Who Else Wants to be the Warren Buffet of Travel Writing?
[Posted on: 20 August 2008]
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Are you a bull or a bear? When it comes to travel writing, it’s no bull that investing in your career will take you places that you can only imagine. Here’s an investment tip for you: “a bull market is one in which prices of a certain group of securities are rising or are expected [...]

Make Travel Writing Work for You. Here’s How.
[Posted on: 30 July 2008]
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Most travel writers want to know how to make travel writing work for them. Here’s a hint: it takes dedication, perseverance, education, research, time, and writing. Travel writers whose dreams are to write for magazines or newspapers, work in television, or write books will put the extra time and effort into their dreams. It’s that [...]

Point and Click to Instant Travel Writing Tips
[Posted on: 30 June 2008]
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You will become a better travel writer if you study writing tips and perform writing exercises. Taking steps to improve your travel writing will benefit you in the long run. The time you spend honing your craft will help you create the writing success you desire as a travel writer. First, ensure that your topic [...]

Need a Travel Writing Makeover?
[Posted on: 13 June 2008]
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Travel writers, does your writing need a makeover? Whether you are a novice or expert, it’s good to refresh your skills. One way to do this is by taking classes and courses in travel writing. Another way is to attend a conference or two. Seminars and workshops are also great ways to “hone” your writing [...]

Traveling is a Journey, How Will Your Words Describe Yours?
[Posted on: 4 June 2008]
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Travel writers, traveling is a journey, how will you remember yours? Will your words make your readers want more? Write an article that is fresh, crisp, and stimulates the senses of readers. Get your point across, whether it’s a city’s efforts to “go green” or the vastness of the Sahara. Paint a vivid picture of [...]

Who Else Wants to Break Into Travel Writing?

Are you an aspiring travel writer? Would you like to write for newspaper travel sections, glossy magazines with gorgeous photos, or other travel publications? If you answered “YES,” then you “stumbled upon” the right website! Since you are new to travel writing, you may be unsure of what to write. Contact your local tourism office [...]

A Partnership of Travel Writing and Photography
[Posted on: 20 May 2008]
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Travel writing is just like painting: a travel writer uses a palette of words instead of paints! When you breathe life into a story through your words, readers will want more. Part of the fun of travel writing is sharing your knowledge gained from your experience. A photograph can tell the whole story or part [...]

A Marriage of a Travel Writer and Graphic Designer
[Posted on: 12 May 2008]
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Travel writers, do you have graphic design experience? If you said “I do,” then congratulations to you! Your first collaboration can be a blog to showcase your travel writing ability. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, design you own logo (header) for your blog. In addition to the content of your blog, [...]



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