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Trisha Miller Editor-in-Chief, - Trisha joined the Travel Industry in 1996 with a background in telecommunications and helped to build (and later sell) one of the industry's top inbound call centers specializing in air travel.

Her career in Travel Writing began with creating destination-specific content for a corporate travel intranet, and continued as she contributed content to a large number of travel-related companies that were establishing an online presence throughout the late '90's and early '00's.

Currently she is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a former Board Member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association (2009-2015).  Still a frequent world traveler, and occasional guest-blogger on a number of other Travel Blogs, Trisha writes about travel and technology, sometimes both at the same time.

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PR/Blogger Relations Manifesto
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 21 July 2010
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Today’s Post is a re-print of a terrific article I found that I believe every travel blogger should read. The author, Lisa Gerber of Big Leap Creative, graciously agreed to let me re-publish her wonderful advice to bloggers, which was inspired by her trip to TBEX10 last month. So without further ado, here is Lisa’s […]

Q&A: How to Incorporate a Newsletter
Posted in Q&A on 14 July 2010
Stats: and 13 Comments

Welcome to another installment of Ask The Editor! This month our topic focuses on newsletters. Q. I know I should have a signup form for a newsletter, but I really don’t know where to begin. How do I start a newsletter? A. This can be intimidating for any blogger, but it’s very important to include […]

Know How To Do Something? Enter This Contest!
Posted in Contests, Opportunities on 1 July 2010
Stats: and 2 Comments

Here’s a way to turn your knowledge into cash..woo hoo! To celebrate the launch of their new user submission service, How To Books (, is running a contest through July 2010 for the best “how to” article submitted to their site, for which the winner will receive £200 (that’s roughly $300 USD), and that’s on […]

TBEX10 Conference Recap
Posted in General News & Info, Opportunities, Reviews, Writer's Education on 29 June 2010
Stats: and 47 Comments

  Most of you reading this know that TBEX10 was held this past weekend, in New York City. Some of you also know that I was there, because we finally got to meet in person (yaay!). No doubt you’ll be reading many “wrap-up” posts from any of the several hundred bloggers who also attended, as […]

Q&A: How To Encourage Social Media Sharing
Posted in Getting Readers, Overcoming Obstacles, Q&A, Technology, Tips & Tricks on 25 June 2010
Stats: and 8 Comments

Welcome to our first installment of Ask The Editor! One of the things that keeps me busiest is answering the many emails I receive. Although I encourage travel writers to use our Forum, where we have some great writers, bloggers, and tech-geeks, in order to get a wider variety of answers than just mine. However, […]

Ten Tips for Self Editing
Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, Writer's Education, Writer's Resources on 22 June 2010
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It’s a fact. Writers must be good at self-editing to really succeed in print these days. Many print publications – as well as some online news/magazine websites and large e-zines – have downsized their editing staff, and yet still want to maintain their high standard of editorial quality. Thus, when faced with the choice of […]

Under The Microscope:
Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, Travel Blog Reviews on 18 June 2010
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Welcome to the first Travel Blog Review in our “Under the Microscope” series! This past week our Travel Writers’ Forum members reviewed, a travel blog founded by Bryan Cassidy. The goal of this series of travel blog reviews – handled entirely through our Forum – is to help travel bloggers discover what visitors like, […]

NEW Feature at TWE: Under The Microscope
Posted in Travel Blog Reviews on 11 June 2010
Stats: and 11 Comments

I’d like to introduce a new concept that will become a monthly feature here at Travel Writers Exchange This new feature will be called “Under The Microscope”, and will be an in-depth travel blog review. Each month we’ll take a look at one travel blog (volunteered by the blog owner, of course) and review it […]

Your Knowledge is Valuable (So Why Not Sell It?)
Posted in General News & Info, Opportunities, Writer's Resources on 5 June 2010
Stats: and 7 Comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: The links below are now going to a DIFFERENT (but still good) video – the prior program of free videos has NOW CLOSED. You can still watch the new video (it’s about an hour) to get some good information without any obligation to sign up for his course. Every day I get email […]

The Power Of Print
Posted in General News & Info, Travel Writer Op-Ed on 31 May 2010
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As writers we are all very aware of what goes on in the publishing industry. So no doubt you’ve seen or heard of the large and ubiquitous national ad campaign, announced in April by a joint venture between five giants of the publishing industry (Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corporation, Time Inc., and Wenner Media) […]



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