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Prime Sarmiento

Prime Sarmiento is a southeast Asia-based journalist, travel blogger and expert on solo female travel. Her blog, The GypsyGals, offers inspiring stories and practical advice to women who want to craft their own journeys.

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Finding New Angles For Your Travel Stories
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts, Tips & Tricks on 17 June 2013
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Learning how to write stories from different angles is essential skill for any travel writer. Most of us have to operate on a shoestring budget, hence the need to make the most of our working trips by writing more than one story and submitting it to various publications. But having this skill has nothing to […]

The Art of Interviewing: 5 Tips to Get Great Quotes
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities on 21 March 2011
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Interviewing another person is one of the important skills that any travel writer may wish to develop. Interviewing anyone – whether a tour guide, a celebrity, hotelier or a fellow traveler – will give you new ideas to write about, and a fresh angle on what might have looked like a stale story line. Quotes […]

Finding Time to Write While On The Road
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 30 October 2010
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For most travel writers, finding the time to write while on the road is a challenge. Everything is a distraction – the excitement of going to a new place, meeting new friends, experiencing a culture different from your own. If you’re on one of those media tours where the publicist drags you to every must-see […]

Preparing for a Writer’s Retreat
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, Guest Blog Posts, Writer's Education on 27 September 2010
Stats: and 8 Comments

Travel writers can be a restless lot. You have this urge to spend long hours exploring a place, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a new exciting one or a familiar favorite. You just need to go there, take photos, feel the sensation, eat, pray, love, whatever. Then you’ll feel this urge to share what […]

Make the Most Out of a Writing Workshop
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles on 23 August 2010
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Writing is my passion and my livelihood. This is why it’s important for me to join a writer’s workshop as I consider it both as a treat to myself and a career investment. Going to a three day workshop allows me to have a break from the daily stream of news that passes through my […]



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