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Michael Falk is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for Gear Up and Play, a community driven Travel Blog.  Gear Up and Play's simple shared platform offers travelers and outdoor adventure seekers the opportunity to share their experiences in a shared revenue setting. The community provides a social networking atmosphere where travelers can interact and follow other members in a fashion similar to twitter.  Each member has a unique profile where they can share information about themselves, submit articles, travelogues, photos, and even bookmark links to interesting yet relevant content around the web with digg style member voting.

In addition to indulging his love of travel and adventure Michael enjoys cooking, playing guitar, bike riding, camping, backpacking, kayaking and incessantly checking his website analytics.  Michael has worked on a number of other travel related projects including Best Travel Guitars and is continually working to foster the dream of one day being a travel writer.  

You can follow Michael on Twitter, and connect with him on Facebook or Digg.

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Keeping A Travel Blog Fresh When The Trip Is Over
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 4 October 2010
Stats: and 12 Comments

Do you own a travel blog but at the moment you just aren’t traveling? I’ve seen this brought up before and empathized with the rants of frustration and envy.  It can leave one full of doubt as you ponder over your latest trip to the local apple orchard.  Was the apple orchard news worthy?  After […]



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