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Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt is the man behind one of the world's most popular, independent travel blogs,

He has been traveling non-stop since March, 2007 and has visited over 60 countries and territories.

In addition to posting regularly to his travel blog, Gary co-hosts the popular weekly podcast "This Week in Travel", where he offers his opinions on what's going on in the travel industry, travel technology, and the world of travel blogging.

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Now Is the Golden Age of Travel Writing*
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Readers, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles on 1 April 2019
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*If you own your own website. Travel writing has never been a lucrative business. The glamorous view which people had of the profession ensured that there were always more people who wanted to do it than there were jobs available. Nonetheless, it was possible several decades ago to make a decent living as a travel […]

Lessons From a Successful Travel Blogger
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Tips & Tricks on 14 December 2009
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I’ve been running my travel blog now for three years. Here are some of the things I’ve learned on the way. 1. Content is not king. You often hear the phrase, “content is king”. This is simply not true. Content is not king. It is true your content can’t be bad, but simply being a […]



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