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Author, geek and world-explorer, Maria Staal was born in the Netherlands where she studied construction engineering and became a specialist in architectural history.  Her love of travel led her to embark on not one, but two ocean crossings on container ships, which in turn led to an impromptu job working for a shipping company writing guidebooks for passengers.  Her latest book, 'Times Zones, Conainers and Three Square Meals a Day' is a narrative travelogue and an account of the time she spent working on the ships.

Maria also blogs about her experiences as a writer and world traveler at and about her quest to learn more about a saintly ancestor at a new site set to launch very soon.

You can purchase her first two books at, and follow Maria on twitter at

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Using Print On Demand To Publish Your Book
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Writer's Resources on 20 December 2010
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In an earlier post on this site, I wrote about the differences in self-publishing via traditional print and Print On Demand (POD). My latest book, Time Zones, Containers and Three Square Meals a Day, was published via POD, which was a new experience for me. Print On Demand is a digital way of getting your […]

Is Self-Publishing Your Book Right For You?
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities, Travel Writing Books on 22 November 2010
Stats: and 12 Comments

I am a traveler, and like many people on this site, I write about it. That is to say, I don’t blog about my trips, but instead have written a book, Time Zones, Containers and Three Square Meals a Day, about a few particular journeys I made while working on a container ship. Now that […]



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